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Letters to the editor for April 13, 2017

Space needs study: bureaucratic manure


When a city or town government feels it has a need for a new facility or expensive piece of equipment it must first demonstrate that need to its citizens. The citizens are the ones who will pay the bill.

When the City of Hudson commissioned Five Bugles Design out of Eau Claire for a space needs study of the existing Fire Hall, it was trying to do just that, convince the good people of Hudson of the need for a new facility. A space need study is an excellent way to demonstrate the need for a new fire hall. A space needs study could carry a lot of weight with the taxpayers of Hudson, if only it was not created by a firm, that if approved, would stand to receive the  construction and design contract for the building of the new fire hall.

Asking Five Bugles Design, a company that strictly designs and builds fire halls, if Hudson has a need for a new facility is like asking Slick Sammy the Car Salesman if you need a new car. Of course you do! In this case a space needs study by the company that stands to receive a lucrative contract if the citizens approve the request for a new fire hall, carries about as much weight as me on the moon (the moon has 1/6 the gravity of Earth making my weight a slim trim 50 pounds), Despite how attractive 50 pounds would look on my Plus Size profile, I don't see myself traveling to the lunar service anytime soon. Heck, I don't see myself leaving my house anytime soon.

The good people of Hudson will no doubt have to decide if a new fire hall is warranted or not. The space needs study by Five Bugles is just another example bureaucratic manure.

John Windloff, Hudson


Taxation is theft


Taxation is theft and on Saturday, April 15, the Libertarian Party Pierce St. Croix and the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin Radical Caucus will be holding a "Taxation is Theft" rally on the 11th Street overpass of I-94 in Hudson from 1 to 5. We hope to raise awareness to this massive theft issue and invite other libertarians to join us for an hour or two on the overpass.

If you are unable to make the "Taxation is Theft" rally you can still join us for the 2017 Libertarian Party of Wisconsin Convention and Retreat in Tomahawk  April 21-23. We broke multiple election records this year and continue to build our brand, presence, and planning. If you are a Libertarian and would like to become active in the party, or would like to explore Libertarianism, we could use your help. We are growing by leaps and bounds thanks to the ongoing recruitment opportunity created by the incompetence of those on the Red and Blue team. In fact, Trump has been a fantastic tool - literally.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that while taxation is theft and Libertarians are meeting to discuss it, analyze it, and then work to take over the world and leave people alone, we could still use more help to spread the word. If you know what the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) is, and why freedom and liberty are important, please consider joining the party. Tickets to the convention and membership can be found at LPWI.ORG. If you want to talk politics, stop and see us Saturday!

Robert Burke, Chair Libertarian Party Pierce - St. Croix, Town of Hudson


You’re invited…


Free Community Event! The inaugural "Doggity Fun Run" will take place at the Hudson Middle School 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, April 22.

The event has been planned by a group of seventh grade students and their teacher, Ms. Katherine Rolstad, the Hudson Middle School Parent Group, and the Hudson Dog Owners Association. Dog owners and their families are welcome to bring their dog anytime between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m., as the walk/run is not a timed event.

Dog treats will be provided by Bentey's Pet Stuff; water bottles & bowls provided by Family Fresh Market; cookies for dog owners provided by Best Maid Cookie Company. Representatives from the Hudson Dog Owners Association will have information available and donations will be collected for the future Hudson Dog Park.

Anne Wasmund, Hudson