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Letters to the editor: UN policies alive in Hudson; Small claims court surprise

Agenda 21 wants your kids


The United Nations, or at least their policies, are alive and well in Hudson. You may not recognize them at first glance because on the surface it all looks warm and fuzzy and then you realize what you are really dealing with is Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development. And they want your children.

Although we should look for teachable moments daily with our children, Earth Day provides an extra special opportunity. Genesis 1:28 tells us "And God blessed them, and God said unto them, 'Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.'"

Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development despise Judeo/Christian values. Your children are being indoctrinated both in and out of the schools. Arne Duncan, former Secretary of Education, has stated that his department is "taking a leadership role [via Common Core] educating the next generation of green citizens and preparing them to contribute to the workforce through green jobs."

When they are young, children are taught innocent-sounding and acceptable activities to "save Mother Earth." Granted, many of these are things we all should be doing. Recycling cans and picking up trash in the park are great ideas. Taking away someone's land to save a turtle, telling a farmer how much they can plant on their private property, or the federal government buying up thousands of acres of land so people cannot live there are challenges to everyone's freedom and liberty.

Educate yourself and your children about the un-American policies of the United Nations which are being implemented in your own backyard. All the freedoms we are fighting for (many already lost) can be traced to Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development.

Pat Sabin



Hate the flag, not the people


Does the LGBT community, and those who support it, ever stop and think that maybe, just maybe, the unlawful action taken by whoever stole and burned their rainbow flags isn't a result of hating the LGBT's, but instead, of disliking the flag they use to show their preference.

Their modified flag with the field of blue and the 50 white stars on it is supposed to represent everyone in the United States, unlike our nation's flag which does. I'm sure most people in our community and across the nation could care less what a person's sexual orientation is.

Now do I think the person or persons involved in removing and burning their flags were justified in doing so? Certainly not in the least, anymore than I believe the LGBT's have a right to insist on the teaching of their agenda to our impressionable grammar school children. Two wrongs don't make a right.

So if you want to fly your rainbow flags at least use one that doesn't have the blue field and stars on it as that is an affront and disrespectful to our nation's flag.

Ron Watts

Town of Hudson


I knew I was right


I knew it. I knew that when I took that test in Government class in high school that the teacher was wrong. He said in a democracy individuals had one vote each. That the majority elected our politicians. A system of checks and balances. Both parties had a voice in our laws. Even the party that was not in power.

Ha! Look at us now. If we do not get our way, we change the rules.

If we do not get elected because we do not have a majority in our district, we simply change the districts. Corporations with the same rights as individuals. I knew I was smarter than that instructor.

Don't know what the Dunning-Kruger Effect is? Look it up, or excuse me Google it. Remind you of someone?

Tim DeVries



Trump fails his voters


During my run for Congress, voters in the 7th Congressional District told me why they planned to vote for Donald Trump—JOBS.

If we were to believe Trump's Tweets, we might think he was making good on his promise. But, 100 days into his presidency, facts show President Trump's job creation plan is failing. Trump's Tweets applaud his masterminding of 1,100 new GM jobs. Fact? General Motors plans to create 900 new jobs in Michigan over the next 12 months but laid off 1,100 workers in Lansing. Do the math—900 jobs minus 1,100 jobs = a loss of 200 GM jobs.

Trump's Tweets praise his role in the creation of 47,000 Exxon Mobil jobs. Fact? Exxon Mobil's job creation plan originated in 2013 during the Obama Administration.

Trump's Tweets boast of his role in Carrier's decision to keep 800 jobs in the U.S. Fact? Carrier kept 800 jobs in the U.S. but sent 600 "other" jobs to Mexico and outsourced 700 additional jobs. More math-- 800 jobs minus 1,300 jobs = a loss of 500 Carrier jobs.

Did I forget to mention that Trump and Pence negotiated $7 million in tax incentives for Carrier to keep 700 jobs here?

The people of the 7th Congressional District need good jobs. They placed their confidence in a man who Tweets that he is the great job creator.

President Trump, please spend less time Tweeting and more time making good on your promise to voters.

Mary Hoeft

Rice Lake



Small claims surprise


I filed a small claims action against the Town of Hudson for some timber the Town removed from the right of way of Jacobs Lane during a recent brushing. I figured simple enough, the Town would send their best and brightest (Chairman Johnson) and we'd hash it out in mediation. How wrong I was.

At the initial appearance in small claims court I appeared as the plaintiff. For the defense there was Chairman Johnson, the entire Town Board and Patrick Heaney of Thrasher, Pelish, Franti & Heaney. The Town had retained a litigation law firm out of Rice Lake to handle my claim. Who retains council for an initial small claims appearance? People who are spending other people's money, that's who.

Retaining counsel to defend small claims against the Town basically assures that the Town will never have to pay for any damages it has caused. The Town wins most suits not on the merits of the case but on the plaintiff's poor self representation. The Town pays attorneys to defeat individuals in a forum normally void of lawyers.

When your pockets are deep with taxpayers' money it is easy to dismiss individuals who have legitimate claims against you. I however, will not go so quietly into that dark night. If forced to I will sit naked on the Town Hall steps until my requests are addressed or it's time for lunch, whichever comes first.

Individuals running our Town have been doing so for a very long time. The aging Town Board has not only lost sight of their feet, they're beginning to lose sight of the fiscal responsibility we all entrusted in them. I've gone from a litigant in a small claims suit to a concerned citizen about the administration of our Township.

John Windolff

Town of Hudson