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Letters to the Editor

Where have all the men gone?


As women organize rallies across America to protest Trump's attacks on virtually everything that Americans value, that includes healthcare, Social Security, Medicare, the environment, protections against Wall Street greed and, according to an article in USA Today on March 17, 62 other government agencies and programs that benefit American citizens. TALK IS CHEAP.

Trump appointees speak volumes about his real agenda. He has appointed some of the most anti-middle class bunch off vulture capitalists that he could; his endorsement of the failed healthcare bill that would have eliminated 23 million Americans from having healthcare is indicative of his absolute outright lies about his promises to the American people during the 2016 election.

He and his administration have blundered so much and accomplished so little it's like a CLOWN CLUB! It would be funny except it's so serious that far too many males in this America are duped by the right wing message, while their economic future is being sucked out from under their feet.

I have come to the conclusion that If democracy and the middle class is to survive it's going to be won in large part by the courage and efforts of American women. One issue males better get their act together.

Dennis Klinkhamer

Clear Lake

Taxation is extortion, more


My name is Nate Gall, a Libertarian "associate" of Mr Burke's, back from enjoying our liberty in the mud. Taxation is in fact theft and so much more.

Taxation is also extortion, because if you hold a license for your occupation the government will threaten your livelihood by revoking you ability to work.

Taxation is also bribery, because politicians take our tax money and buy political supporters like corporations and unions.

Taxation is also coercion, because it is used to influence citizens buying choices such as solar panels, smart cars, tax incremental finance districts, the list goes on.

Taxation is also slavery, because no matter how hard you try to pay off your house and own it you must always work to pay the property tax bill and can never stop paying. Slavery.

Finally, taxation is also morally wrong. Regardless of how many people vote for it, violence, aggression, and the implicit threat of force are the tools government uses to achieve its agenda. The thing separating our state assembly, senate, and governor from the rest of the population is the belief that theft, extortion, coercion, and bribery is a acceptable behavior, but only if they do it.

Radical Libertarians reject your violent model. We reject the fear you create in society.

Taxation is indeed theft, and so much more.

Nate Gall


Rainbow flags


I agree with Ron Watt's comments that the desecration of the rainbow flag is not legal.

However, I disagree with the premise that it is the design of this particular rainbow flag that is causing this reaction. To support this opinion only legitimizes the bias of the individuals who assume they can use their own beliefs and personal preferences to decide what is credible.

There are rules for how the American flag can be used (Flag Code, The American Legion). However, these rules are not followed and the American flag has been modified many times. The "blue line" flag takes the foundation of an American flag image but darkens the stripes. The American flag has had images superimposed on it like the "Don't Tread On Me" image or the American eagle. It is not legal to alter the approved design of the American flag and it is not legal to use it for commercial products.

I have seen the American flag applied to things like air fresheners, blankets, t-shirts, napkins, and swimsuits. I have even seen it on stickers and underwear.

The rainbow flag with the "stars" is an alteration of the existing LGBT rainbow flag not the American flag (, 10-6- 13).This "star" revision was developed by a group of university LGBTQ students in Tennessee and was deemed legal and protected under the Constitution for freedom of speech.

I have a traditional rainbow flag made up of the multiple bold horizontal colors but I understand that some prefer the rainbow flag with the "stars" on it.

To me, it says, "I am an American too." I don't own any items that have the image or partial image of our American flag. I only have my American flag, which I respect, and display for national days of recognition.

Deborah Monicken

North Hudson

Do not outsource EMS


First of all it is with great gratitude that I write this letter. I am very grateful to our emergency responders, medical personnel, and the men and women of law enforcement.

It has come to my attention that there is a proposal to outsource our ambulance service. I strongly believe this would be detrimental to our community and our most vulnerable citizens. To me we cannot put a price on human life and without the ability of the responders to be easily accessible this would greatly harm our community.

Furthermore as a citizen I feel that we owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to all of our emergency personnel most of whom are volunteers helping the community. As a citizen I firmly believe it is my duty to help protect the community and keep it safe and I feel it is harmful to the community and extremely dangerous to outsource their services. You cannot put a price on human life and when an emergency occurs every second matters. For this reason I am asking the city council to stop any discussion about outsourcing our ambulance services as it would be a disservice to our city.

Ramsey Lee


Pro-life lip service


Last week, Republicans in the House passed Ryancare. Under the bill, rape, domestic violence, postpartum depression and or a c-section are all "pre-existing conditions" for which countless persons, primarily women, and their children will be priced out of health insurance. Pregnancy will cost families 425 percent more under Ryancare. An estimated 24 million people will lose their health insurance.

Rep. Sean Duffy and Sen. Ron Johnson got elected by telling voters that they are pro-life. Why then are they supporting legislation that pushes more women and families into the desperation that so often leads to abortion?

President Trump recently told Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbill that their universal healthcare system is "going to be fantastic." He actually said that Australia has better healthcare than we do here in the U.S. So, what gives?

Answer: follow the money. Ryancare will result in hundreds of millions of dollars going back to the top 1-3 percent. This isn't about the value of human life for these folks, it's about money. It's about making the rich richer because that's who's buying our politicians.

It's time to support candidates who will fight for universal healthcare. Democrats and Republicans are both guilty of putting personal greed above the interests of the American public and it will not stop until we stand up and vote these people out of office. Next time Sean Duffy and Ron Johnson try to get your vote with their pro-life words, remind them of their lack of pro-life actions.

Sarah Yacoub


An open letter to Congressman Sean Duffy,


Demons, everybody deals with them in their lifetime. Some demons show up in the form of alcoholism or drug abuse, some show up from infidelity and some show up because of other bad choices. For you Congressman Duffy, yours will appear due to your support of the new healthcare law that will remove thousands upon thousands of hardworking Americans from their insurance plans. Many of these people have pre-existing conditions. You and your colleagues have decided to eliminate their healthcare. Mr. Duffy, these people that you feel do not deserve healthcare are veterans, senior citizens, cancer patients, people with disabilities, and many more medically dependent families. I want you to know that each and every one of the people you just voted to cut off from medical care are also voters. Remember that on election day when your demons come back to haunt you for your bad choices.

Mark Struble

Star Prairie

Dairy legislation is common sense


On May 3 (Ron) Johnson introduced some pretty common sense legislation if you ask me. As you may know, dairy farmers are struggling to find workers as Wisconsin's economy continues to grow. With an amazing 3.4 percent state unemployment rate — the best in over 15 years — Wisconsin workers aren't exactly racing to take jobs on farms to fill open positions.

Johnson's bill would allow states to create their own visas for needed labor shortages. Supported by farm coalitions and dairy groups, Johnson's bill would allow non-criminal, fully vetted immigrants to come to Wisconsin to fill these farm labor gaps. His bill would require state legislatures approve the programs and also prohibit these immigrants from receiving welfare benefits.

Johnson's bill is a conservative, common sense, bill to help the dairy state stay the dairy state.

Call Johnson and tell him thank you for supporting this bill.

Carrie Falkofske


America is not "great" under Trump


The writer of last week's letter to the editor "Making America Great Again" didn't quite get it. She talks about Trump promoting American workers and companies but ignores the fact that many of Trump's companies are located overseas. A CNN review found that Trump revealed in his latest financial disclosure that he had 144 companies that had dealings in at least 25 countries in Asia, Europe, South America and North America. An article also appeared in Forbes magazine titled "Trump the Hypocrite: Investing Overseas Fine for Him."

The writer also says that Trump will investigate China's unfair trade practice of flooding the U.S. and global markets with government subsidized steel. Guess who buys this steel for his own buildings. You got it—Donald Trump! According to a Newsweek article, Trump has been stiffing American steel workers on his own construction projects for years by buying lower priced steel from China. So much for Buy American.

The writer concludes by saying Trump is doing a great job putting the American worker first. No, he's doing his usual great job of putting himself and his own business interests first. The scary thing is now he's doing it as President. Make America Great Again? It's not at the top of his agenda. Not even close.

Paul Wright


Sarah Nigbor

Sarah J. Nigbor serves as a regional editor for RiverTown Multimedia, a position she began in April 2017. She joined RiverTown Multimedia in October 2013 as a news reporter for the New Richmond News, before being appointed editor of the Pierce County Herald in Febraury 2015. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Spanish and French in 2001. She completed a minor in journalism in 2004. 

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