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Letters to the Editor

How many lost to abortion?


Most readers know the name Tim Tebow—Heisman trophy winner, among other things. But did you know that when he was just a 1-inch long "fetus," he contracted an amoebic infection in his mother's womb and she was advised to abort him? She refused, dad agreed and you know the rest!

But how many other potential Heisman winners have been lost to abortion since 1973 when it was legalized? Dr. Brian Clowes, a researcher for Human Life International, examined data from the 2007 Statistical Abstract of the U.S. which estimated the number of people from various occupations who have been eliminated by abortion since 1973 and discovered that it is 12!

Who else have we lost to abortion? According to his studies, a sample says two U.S. presidents, seven Supreme Court justices, 102 senators, 589 congressmen, 8,123 federal, district and court judges, 32 Nobel Prize laureates, 13,841 physicians/surgeons, 28 Olympic medalists, and 123 Gold winners. How about nearly 71,000 priests, ministers and rabbis, over a million k-12 teachers, 134,028 farmers, 109,984 sheriffs and police officers and 39,477 firefighters! The 50 million babies lost to abortion this far are equal to destroying every person in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arizona and Oklahoma!

How many brothers, sisters, and grandchildren have mourned those losses, even decades later?

Has the "freedom to choose" really solved problems for America, or has it done immense damage to families that are the basic units of society? Isn't it time that Americans re-think the feminists' mantra of "my body, my choice?" Isn't it about time the people defund Planned Parenthood before the future of America is simply destroyed? When God spoke to His people, eons ago, He said "thou shalt not murder" in Exodus 20: 14. Don't you think He knew what was best for His people?

Write or call your your legislator or President Trump and tell them you don't want your hard-earned money going to kill babies!

Meredith Berg


Little credibility


I am amazed on how much attention America is paying to the recently fired head of the FBI, James Comey. From his pre-election testimony on candidate Clinton's violation of national security to President Trump's conspiring with the Russians, America seems to think what Comey says is credible. History is filled with high ranking appointed government officials whose credibility was galaxies away from stellar.

Franky Roosevelt appointed Joseph Kennedy director of the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission), notoriously one of the most corrupt agencies in government. A reporter asked Mr. Roosevelt why he would appoint a crook like Joe Kennedy to head a corrupt agency like the SEC. The President responded, "it takes one to catch one."

Maybe the best example of a questionable individual holding high appointed office was former F.B.I director J. Edgar Hoover. It is common knowledge Johnny Hoover had dirt on most of the Washington elite and used that dirt to get what he wanted. An old mobster told me he had dinner with the director at the Plaza Hotel in New York at least once a month. His job was to buy Hoover dinner and treat him to a room at the hotel; in turn, Hoover would leave his operation alone.

He stopped by the director's hotel room one night to see if he needed anything. He knocked on the door and this is what he saw. Clyde Tolson (Deputy Director of the FBI) sporting a long sheer nightgown and 6-inch heels. On the bed, a bound and gagged Edger Bronfmen (CEO of Seagram's.) Standing in the walk-in closet admiring himself in the mirror was Director Hoover dressed as Little Boo Peep. Draw your own conclusions.

History is filled with important appointed government officials who had no credibility.

John Windolff

Town of Hudson



The three letters are commonly known for save our ship, but in today's world I believe that it needs to stand for Save Our Seniors.

Not too long ago the people who held the position of being an elected Congressman or Senator took the time and resources available to protect and serve our elders. Programs were put into place for senior citizens so they would have the necessary funding to ensure that they were safe and comfortable in their aging years. Then greed and corruption became part of government. Money once available to supplement seniors such as food stamps, health care, affordable nursing homes, has long been cut. Monies readily available have now been replaced with long waiting periods or not at all.

Corporate tax cuts and special interest groups have caused an incredible amount of harm to the wellbeing of the very people that have earned our respect and deserve dignity. We, as a nation, need to hold our officials responsible for the gutting of these programs.

If you are reading this, contact Local Congressman Sean Duffy and demand that no cuts be made to programs that help seniors. Let him know that even with his multiple votes against senior needs, you will give him a chance to redeem himself for all of the tragic things happening because of his misguided agenda. Let it be known he is running out of chances to honor the elders.

Mark Struble

Star Prairie

A breath of fresh air


Recently I had the opportunity to meet one of our local residents who writes to your paper every week; now I know this does not seem like exciting news, but it can be.

The gentleman I am referring to is Mark Struble. He writes letters and addresses important issues that are happening here in our great state. I found it very enjoyable to speak with him and came to the conclusion that this guy should represent the people in Wisconsin. It certainly was nice to be able to approach a person who really could do wonders as a local politician.

I suggested to Mr. Struble that he should run for office in 2018 because the people in this state need a break from elected officials who do nothing but collect a giant paycheck off of us hard working residents. He smiled and said that he would think about it. I urge anyone who knows Mark to get him to run for office. If you don't know him definitely get to know him. It sure would be nice to know we would be in the hands of someone with a big heart that actually cares about people.

Brett Schouten

New Richmond

Trump trashes democracy


Throughout Donald Trump's candidacy and brief tenure in office, he has managed to eradicate civility, a longstanding hallmark of our great democracy.

Google the name "Donald Trump" and note the headlines, "6 Countries Trump Insulted," "Trump Threatens World Leaders," "Trump Is Running Out of Foreign Leaders to Alienate."

Americans are grappling with the uncomfortable truth that our president has replaced civility with incivility and lies, hallmarks of an authoritarian regime.

Trump mocked Sen. John McCain, poking fun at McCain's imprisonment during the Viet Nam War, "I like people who weren't captured."

He berated a woman who accused him of groping her, "Believe me, she would not be my first choice."

He encouraged supporters at one of his rallies to assault protestors, "Knock the crap out of 'em. I will pay for the legal fees."

Americans who take pride in our reputation as the world's strongest democracy have reason to fear. Donald Trump is destroying America's good name.

Mary Hoeft

Rice Lake