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Letters to the Editor

Local control scores a victory


It became obvious to all at the last City Council meeting that Hudson area residents cherish and understand the value of local control. The idea of ceding our control of the delivery of our emergency medical services over to a huge Twin Cities entity was soundly rejected by our citizens; and virtually all of our council members heard that message. Bravo to Hudson.

As a County Board Supervisor currently working in a study group to find ways to better protect our county residents' drinking water from being contaminated by pesticides, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, failing septic systems, and harmful bacteria found in animal manure, I am extremely frustrated with how much the huge corporate interests have taken away virtually all of our county's local control. Those fertilizer suppliers' and drug companies' donations to the Wisconsin legislators have bought the influence they were seeking. St. Croix County has very limited control over addressing water contamination.

Next time you meet with your local state representative ask him or her to give back local control to the counties so that the counties can act to protect our water. It's too late for many rural residents in St. Croix County who already have such high nitrate contamination that their well water is unsafe for drinking. Local control is a very important value. Wisconsin legislators, give it back.

Roy Sjoberg, County Supervisor District 5


Good guys still exist


I was out fishing on Bass Lake south of Somerset on Tuesday morning in my kayak. Long story short, my rod slid off of the front of the boat and into the water. After an ill advised quick move to get it, the kayak flipped over and into the lake I went. It filled with water so I couldn't get back up and row so I was basically floating helpless out there.

A young man and woman came along in their fishing boat and offered to help. I got in the boat and they brought the kayak and me back to the landing. We shook hands and I told them I really appreciated it! Wish I could remember their names but the woman said she just graduated from Somerset High School and the man was a senior. Very nice people. So when all you hear is bad news, it's good to know there is still a lot of good out there.

Thanks again you guys!

David Benoy


Medicaid and abortion


Wisconsin ranks fourth in the United States for babies born on Medicaid. As reported in a 2015 study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, Medicaid covers the birth of 64 percent of babies born in our state. Republicans in Congress are working hard to pass healthcare legislation that deeply cuts Medicaid. It removes requirements that insurance companies cover maternity care, emergency services and mental health treatment, meaning unless you're rich and can afford it, you're tough out of luck.

This legislation also gives a $765 billion dollar tax cut to the richest persons in our country.

While the "us vs. them" partisan hacks would have you believe that women get abortions for flippant reasons or because they hate babies, by in large, women who make that exceedingly difficult decision often do so out of desperation and out of a belief that they have no other accessible options. As someone who values human life, as someone who hates abortion, I am dumbfounded. Why are the politicians who use abortion as a political pawn to get votes supporting legislation that takes away healthcare from pregnant women and unborn babies?

How can anyone who's heart truly breaks for abortion vote for politicians who push women, mothers and their families further into desperation when it comes to healthcare? If anything, Republican legislation on healthcare pushes more women and families into a position from which they cannot afford the prenatal care, they cannot afford the maternity care and cannot afford the birth of the child. Should not these folks be fighting to make healthcare more accessible? Why are Republicans taking away medical care from those who need it most to make the rich richer? Should not these folks be fighting to make adoptions easier, more accessible and less expensive? When does the hypocrisy in campaign promises as compared to actions once elected end?

Sarah Yacoub