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Letters to the Editor

Praising Hudson schools' music program


As a lifelong lover of good music, I especially enjoy performances by the musicians at Hudson High School. I am unable to attend their concerts so it is great that they are on TV for all to enjoy.

The choice of music is well done as to variety of style and difficulty. The director is excellent in bringing out the best in all involved both musically and emotionally. Almost anyone can learn to play or sing music but a true musician puts meaning into the performance. Keep up the good work.

P.S. I really like the perfect pitches I hear!

Olive Esanbock Mulhollam

River Falls

Loss of valued community members


With so many other events dominating the national news recently, people may not know just how active Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have been in our area. A recent letter to the River Falls Journal highlighted the plight of people I know personally. Like the writer, Steven Anderson, I will refer to them as "Lyle and Lucy."

As Lyle left for work in Hudson a few weeks ago, he and his co-worker were detained by ICE agents staked out a block from his home. After a few days in a Minnesota jail Lyle was deported to Mexico. Lucy, a U.S. citizen, naturally but tragically has followed her husband to Mexico. Although I'd only met Lyle a couple of times, I felt as though I knew him through Lucy and the good work they did together. I had no idea that Lyle was an undocumented immigrant, as he had been here so long and been such a part of the community. In fact, their long-time neighbors were shocked to learn of Lyle's status and saddened by the situation. The community has lost both Lyle and Lucy, and we are the poorer for it.

I personally favor a comprehensive immigration plan and some leniency in addressing the situation of undocumented immigrants. I do recognize that reasonable people can differ on this challenging issue. In discussions with more conservative friends, however, I have found them shocked at the cruelty of many ICE raids. Immigration attorneys tell of many tragic - even inhumane - deportations and family separations.

Another situation in River Falls was equally troubling. ICE agents appeared at the door of a documented immigrant family. When shown papers, the agents went to another neighbor's home. Finding nobody home, they went to the house next door, and two adults were taken away in handcuffs. I know nothing more of the circumstances but am left wondering just how this raid came about. Where Lyle's deportation was triggered by a speeding ticket, how and why agents would go door to door.Did a suspicious person simply report non-Caucasians in the neighborhood? I surely hope it hasn't come to that.

Linda Henderson


Trump complains bitterly about his treatment


Donald Trump complains bitterly about his treatment by the media. Yet he can support Alex Jones who is the real king of fake news. I can't even imagine the pain the poor families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings had to endure with the loss of their innocent young children, only to have to relive the events because of Alex Jones making money from denying the tragedy even occurred. And our president endorses this individual.

"We decided 'Ave Maria' would be sung that day. It would join the list of hymns that now transport me to the December morning when frozen earth was broken open to bury my little one."—Jennifer Hubbard

The mother of one of the victims of Sandy Hook. And Trump thinks he's being mistreated? If the shootings never happened, can we expect the children to be home for dinner?

The rubber met the road when our representatives were shot in D.C. at a baseball practice. A terrible event like so many before it. Suddenly our legislators were confronted with the outcome of their own legislation, fewer gun regulations.

I found it interesting that their solution was to increase security for themselves. What about the rest of us? Are we getting more security? Can we send our children to school and not worry about what may come of them? I own a gun and I want to keep it but I really wonder what it will take before our country wakes up.

Tim DeVries