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Discover real immigration stories


We extend an invitation to join us at the informational meeting "Immigration: Myths And Realities" 7 p.m. Monday, July 31, at the Baldwin Library, 400 Cedar St..

The Rev. David Anderson and Joyce Anderson will give the presentation about their experience in Eau Claire County working with immigrants.

We are going. We hope to discover what if anything would engender fear about the farm workers, documented or undocumented who toil at the many dairies and farms in Wisconsin. If we can discover the stories of the workers who come to Wisconsin from Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Columbia and other countries we know we can dismiss fear. We also will be reminded of similar stories that our ancestors would have told 100 or more years ago. Dismissing fear is good for our health and the health of our community.

Immigrant farm workers are humble, hard working people like you and me, wanting to work and to provide a better opportunity for their families. These immigrants are performing important jobs in every sector of society — in Wisconsin and throughout the country. In the agricultural sector, many times it is immigrants who pick fruits and vegetable in hot weather so you and I can get them from the market or who work on dairy farms, regardless of the weather conditions for up to ten hours per day. We all benefit from their work on a daily basis by consuming these products.

Jack and Julie Kenefick

Martell Township

Did you even read it?


I sent a "letter to the editor" to you last week, and after reading the headline you put on it, I wonder — did you even read it? The entire 'letter' referred to the ridiculousness of the so-called "amateur astronomer" who was an evolutionist trying to impress readers with his "evolutionary knowledge." The last sentence in the letter even stating, "spare us the falsity of evolution." How could you miss or misinterpret that?

In the future, will you please be a little more careful of the headlines you put on these readers' letters?

Meredith Berg


Actively welcome diversity


Last Sunday in Hudson a pickup truck pulled in front of my car with a huge confederate flag high above it's vehicle. The truck stayed in front of me all through downtown, and I wondered what that driver hoped to convey with his flag. Perhaps, he's just declaring himself a rebel and has no awareness of the historical message. Perhaps, he feels that people of color are a serious problem for America. Perhaps, this flag bearer suffers mental health issues and lives with debilitating pain. What I do know is that his flag does not represent my Hudson home.

The small, loud voices that threatened people for helping refugees is not us, the individuals that desecrated seven LGBT flags is not us, and the high school students that harassed a girl for wearing a hijab is not us. However, it sounds like us — if we don't find ways to actively welcome diversity with greater vigor and with much greater participation.

There are Hudson citizens trying to establish an active welcome. When seven LGBT flags were desecrated, neighbors hung 70 rainbow flags to declare that we are a safe home for our LGBT brothers and sisters. After Syrian refugee supporters were threatened, a group of neighbors formed an "all are welcome wagon" for diverse community arrivals. And a newly formed women's group of faith are now working towards extending wider arms for our growing rivertown residents.

Good people creating small acts of inclusiveness are making a difference. However, we also need this strategic caring at the leadership level. Community members have recently requested that the city council adopt an inclusion resolution for Hudson. Our city — with its institutions, businesses and communities of faith. It's our large groups that will lead a true culture of positive change. Welcoming diversity is good for business, our children and it honors the phrase "justice for all", as proclaimed in the pledge of allegiance.

We are asking our Hudson friends to join our active community welcome and support the proposed inclusion resolution. Please discuss this idea of change at home, at work and at church. Our hometown's flag is not confederate, let's all wave something much better.

Tony Bol