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Letters: A local newspaper?; Lack of leadership in district

An honest response


RiverTown Multimedia employees Steve Gall and Anne Jacobson wrote in their Aug. 17, 2017 op ed column that "It truly is your newspaper. Please don't stop critiquing us." Well, if you mean what you say, here goes.

Is the River Falls Journal really a "local newspaper?" I would argue not, in that the majority of weekly newspapers in Minnesota as well as weekly papers in New Richmond, Hudson, River Falls and Ellsworth are owned by Forum News Publications, Fargo, N.D. This ownership entity is so powerful that the Fargo office submitted the election editorials in the past presidential election that all four Wisconsin papers had to print, telling us as readers, why we should support a particular candidate. Mr. Gall and Ms. Jacobson—western Wisconsin is not North Dakota, culturally, politically or economically. Would it not have been more appropriate for locally produced op-ed pieces have been run, even if they may have sided with the Fargo piece?

And, where was the "local" aspect of our papers when there was a wholesale housecleaning of editors and writers long employed by the Hudson and River Falls papers, to include the publisher, both editors and all but two of the regular staff of reporters? Both papers had been recognized over the years for outstanding journalism. Why the purge?

In your Aug. 17 opinion piece, five of your paragraphs begin with 'local newspapers and their websites" and then tout the important strengths of said newspapers. Yet, there are fewer original pieces and less investigative reporting in both the Journal and Star Observer, replaced by a plethora of shared stories, often from far removed sources.

So, yes, western Wisconsin needs strong local papers, but thus far, I have not observed or read many positive changes since Forum News Publications began to assert its control. The great "Whiteout" as you labeled your front pages might better be called the great "Whitewash," at least for the River Falls Journal and the Hudson Star Observer.

Richard Timmerman

River Falls


The nothing-doers get compensated


In 2013 Jesse Jackson Jr., the former Illinois Congressman, was convicted of misappropriating $750,000 from his campaign fund. The infamous son of a preacher man spent half the money on wine, women and song. The other half he wasted. Starting in 2012 and all through his 30-month prison sentence and still to this day, Jackson collects $130,000 a year in disability payments from the government.

Social Security disability Insurance was established to help individuals who through illness or injury are unable to perform their job requirements. For example, a mason who injured his arm and can no longer lay block will be compensated for his inability to lay block. In Jackson's case, Jessie Jr is being compensated for not being able to perform his duties as a U. S Congressman. Most Americans would agree the duties of a U.S Congressman are, look busy and do nothing. So basically Jackson is being compensated for his inability to do nothing. There goes my chance to ever collect disability, I can do nothing like there's no tomorrow.

I always dreamed of being on the Mt. Rushmore of nothing doers. Carved in stone along with other notorious nothing doers like Barack Obama, all of America's Vice Presidents and any member of the Jackson Five except Michael.

The best part is Jackson Jr. is only receiving partial disability. So it seems sometimes he can do nothing and other times he can't. That's worth $130,000 a year. The late great Strom Thurmond was dead for two years before anyone noticed, and yet he was able to perform the duties of a U.S. Congressman. What has happened to America?

John Windolff



Lack of leadership in district


Furthermore, to my letter last week, I get a flyer on the state-of-the Hudson Schools this past week. Lo and behold, what do you think is the number one issue at the High School? The $5.78 million football stadium! The public was told that space was the number one issue and that has been put on the back burner for parking lots and athletic facilities!

In my previous letter I stated that the superintendent and school board had lost a lot of credibility, now they have lost it all! I am really disappointed in the lack of leadership that exists in the school system.

Obviously, I will not be at the celebration of the new football stadium. I will be waiting for the celebration of the addition of more classrooms!

If the school system comes to the public again for more money they will be in deep trouble.

Eugene Hoff



Mental health & addiction


You may have heard about the opioid crisis in America, but in fact opioids addiction is only part of a far bigger crisis. In our own St, Croix County, the causes of preventable death are as follows: #1 Suicide, #2 Overdose, #3 falls related to alcohol and at #4 car accidents. It's worth noting that not long ago, car accidents were number one. Something has gone very wrong in America and our county.

On Thursday, Sept. 14 at 7 p.m. St Croix County Medical Examiner Patty Schachtner will speak on the topic of "mental health and addiction in our county." She will be talking about both the degree of our problem, as she encounters it and how we can start to tackle it. It's a topic that affects us all, one way or another.

When: Thursday, Sept. 14. Free food and social hour at 6 p.m., presentation at 7 p.m.

Where: The Chalet at Badlands Snow Park, 772 Kinney Road, Hudson.

Directions: I-94 to Highway 12 exit north, to Badlands Road east, to Kinney Road south, entrance on west side of road.

Sponsored by the St Croix County Democrats as a community service.

Jim Laskin

Glenwood City


Really is the Exclusion Resolution


The so-called Inclusion Resolution should be renamed the Exclusion Resolution. It excludes anyone who believes that marriage should be between one man and one woman; it excludes anyone who believes that life begins at fertilization and continues through natural death; it excludes anyone who believes that Sharia law is an abomination; it excludes anyone that believes in Constitutional law. In other words, the Exclusion Resolution excludes anyone who doesn’t agree with the militant “inclusion/intolerant” mob.

A recent letter to the editor criticized the city’s attorney who rightly warned the Hudson Common Council about the potential litigation for violation of Wisconsin and U.S. Constitutional rights if they approved the inclusion resolution as written. What did the “tolerant” inclusion resolution crowd do after the attorney spoke? They booed. What were they booing? The U.S. and Wisconsin Constitutions. They also disrupted the meeting by being intolerant of other people’s views. They are truly the intolerant and exclusionary ones. The city attorney rightly pointed out that the resolution is written as an active piece of law, (without definition), which would require undefined burdens on local businesses, private and public, and potential violations of citizens’ Constitutional rights, which would require an untold cost to the taxpayer in potential litigation.  The exclusion crowd say this resolution has nothing to do with designating Hudson a sanctuary city, but even laymen could easily interpret what the intent of the “inclusion” resolution is. Even before the city attorney spoke, many of us warned about potential Constitutional violations and have been in contact with Constitutional rights organizations. For more information on the dangers of the “exclusion” resolution, including the city attorney’s comments, go to

Darla Meyers