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Letters: Hypocrisy of their words; Not fair to feature only public schools

Hypocrisy of their words


Those who support the so-called inclusion resolution (aka Exclusion Resolution) do not appear to see the hypocrisy of their words. At the public meetings, white shaming and heterosexual shaming is frequent and unrelenting. Could it be their shaming of white people and heterosexuals is the reason Hudson is unwelcoming? Could they be projecting their own discrimination onto others? Is it appropriate to shame someone for their white skin color, God-ordained sexuality, income and hard work?

I have asked for a private meeting with a few of the inclusion resolution members, and one responded "...I am not interested in meeting with you. ..." Where's the love? Where's the inclusion? This response encompasses the true exclusionary intent of the inclusion resolution.

It has been acknowledged that there is a potential litigation issue because of violations of the U.S. and Wisconsin Constitutions if the so-called inclusion resolution (aka Exclusion Resolution) passes. For those who support the resolution, will you take on personal liability in a potential lawsuit if someone were to sue for violation of their Constitutional rights? Or do you state there's no cost associated because it would be the taxpayer who would bear the burden of a potential lawsuit?

One writer states that only the "opposition" believes there might be a sanctuary city motive with the inclusion resolution. That is correct, and we hope to warn as many people as possible about the potential implications. At the council meetings, at least one of the council members feigned lack of knowledge and participation in the formation of the so-called inclusion resolution; however, the open records documentation indicates an involved association with the inclusion resolution group by more than one council member.

If you want to be better informed about some of the issues in St. Croix County, please visit

Darla Meyers



Total lack of negotiating skill


President Trump's bellicose threat toward North Korea has backfired badly.

"Fire and fury unknown to earthlings" only caused Kim Jong Un to upstage the President and now he either has to put up or shut up.

In Asia Trump has "lost face." That means that many Asians have lost resPect for the American president. Not only that, but Russia, Iran, ISIS, The Taliban, Al Qaeda, etc. now view Trump as a toothless empty suit.

Mattis wants to hold talks with North Korea with the hope that they would denuclearize. Fat chance of that after being threatened with destruction.

Marvin L. Nelson

River Falls


Obama's 'get out of jail free' cards


Keith Rodli believes "presidential pardons reveal a president's values" ("From This Perch," Sept. 7). Let's see. Mr. Obama granted clemency to 1,927 criminals during his presidency (including 504 life sentences), more than the last 13 presidents combined. Their crimes included "use of a firearm during a drug crime," "possession of a firearm by a felon/fugitive from justice," "possession of stolen firearms with their serial numbers obliterated," "possession of federally prohibited weapon, machine gun, silencer, sawed-off shotgun." Obama and the Left continually try to restrict our firearms rights under The Second Amendment, but he releases violent criminals convicted of weapons violations.

Remember Chelsea Manning? Convicted of violating the Espionage Act, "aiding the enemy," sentenced to 35 years in prison for releasing over 700,000 classified diplomatic cables and battlefield plans, the largest breach of classified material in American history, disclosed valuable information to terrorists likely causing the death of a number of under-cover operatives. Obama granted a Get Out of Jail Free card.

Oscar Lopez Rivera? A member of the FALN, a leftist violent group responsible for more than 100 bombings in the U.S., some of which killed Americans. Sentenced to 55 years for "seditious conspiracy" and "multiple felonies," given 15 additional years for "conspiracy to escape and transport explosives with intent to kill/injure people and destroy government buildings/property," refused to renounce violence Obama granted a Get Out of Jail Free card.

Obama released/pardoned hundreds of hard core drug sellers putting them back on the streets to sell drugs to Americans.

Bo Bergdahl? Obama traded five terrorists for an Army deserter, and released hundreds of GITMO detainees, some of whom have returned to terrorist activities targeting Americans.

Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio who was targeted because he relentlessly enforced Federal Immigration Law. The Left didn't like it. Mr. Rodli is correct. Presidential pardons do reveal a president's values.

Sandy Gehrke



Not fair to feature only public schools


You've carried two large stories/pieces on the "return to school" of the public school teachers over the last month, but not one single piece the "return to school" from either St. Patrick's School or Trinity Academy!

Why haven't these two small Christian schools been given the same coverage? These teachers—both returning and new—aren't as newsworthy as the public school staff, both new and returning?

As a former (now retired) teacher, in both the public schools and the smaller Christian school (Trinity Academy), I would anticipate that there will be articles about the two, smaller Christian schools shortly!

Editor's note: Ms. Berg is correct. There will be articles featuring new staff at both schools.

Meredith Berg