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Letter-Dislikes voter registration

Dear Editor,

In August, after reading an article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press which stated "a new nationwide analysis found that of over 2,000 cases of voter fraud in the past dozen years shows that in person voter impersonation on election day was virtually nonexistent," I sent email letters (with link to the article) to both Senator Sheila Harsdorf and Representative Dean Knudson, asking them, in lieu of the evidence, to explain their support of voter ID in Wisconsin. I also especially asked both of them to justify the added provisions to Wisconsin Voter ID law that tripled the residency requirement and drastically cut the in person absentee voting time.

Senator Harsdorf replied with the usual canned response, i.e. preserving voter integrity, etc. She conveniently ignored my request to explain the other suppressive elements of the law (this was at least the third time I have asked for an explanation of this section of the law).

Representative Knudson completely ignored my request by not responding at all. Is this the kind of representation we want in Madison?

At the last election I witnessed a college student who had returned home for the summer, but had not been back 28 days, inquire whether he could vote. Of course, the answer was "no." It was too late to absentee vote at his college address, so he was disenfranchised.

How many times was this scenario repeated in Wisconsin at the recall election? How many times will it be repeated in the November election? Statistics have proven that the more people who are not allowed to vote the better chance Republicans will continue to dominate our government. Perhaps we will soon have "vote by invitation only."

Support Diane Odeen for District 30

State Representative and Dan Olson for 10th District State Senator if you

want all citizens to have the right to vote.

LaVonne McCombie, Hudson