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Letter-Vinehout is best choice

Dear Editor,

Instead of a balanced look at why the recalls are happening, last week's "Doug's Diggings" column regarding recalls reiterated untrue right-wing talking points. Recalls are a necessary part of the checks and balances of our system and hold our elected officials accountable to their constituents.

The problem with our system is not the recall process, but the corrupting influence of corporate money. To stop "perpetual elections," a constitutional amendment banning corporate as well as union money from the election process needs to be enacted. In addition, Wisconsin needs a governor who is willing to listen to all points of view and is not being backed by corporations, someone like Kathleen Vinehout.

Collecting a million signatures required a tremendous effort. The column trivialized the work of thousands of citizens who stood out in the cold for two months collecting signatures while enduring people yelling obscenities and harassing them for exercising a right guaranteed by our state constitution. Sustaining this effort required a lot of anger over Walker's actions.

The column did not recognize the anger over Walker's defunding of public schools, technical colleges, and universities; his demonization of teachers; his disregard for the environment; the continuing loss of jobs in our state; and his lies by omission during his election campaign regarding his agenda to bust unions. The signature gatherers recognized that Walker's agenda benefits his corporate backers, not the citizens of Wisconsin.

If collecting signatures is as easy as the editorial states, why wasn't Kathleen Vinehout recalled? She won her election by an extremely thin margin and was seen to be vulnerable to recall. A recall was initiated, but the people of her district liked her because she listened to all of them and considered their views when voting. She did the job she was elected to do: represent everyone in her district, not just those who agree with her views.

This is one of the reasons I back her for governor. Please support the recall and vote for Kathleen Vinehout on May 8.

Joyce Hall, Hudson