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Hudson Soccer Association holds clinic

Varsity girls' soccer head coach Allie Knutson demonstrates an activity to the kids. Photo by Jace Frederick

"We make it fun and the kids really enjoy it. That's what the key is," said Hudson varsity boys' soccer head coach Steve Sollom.

Sollom and varsity girls' head coach Allie Knutson played large roles in running the Sidekicks Youth Clinic last week at the Hudson Soccer Complex. The four-day event was put on by the Hudson Soccer Association.

Approximately 82 kids were on hand for the week, said Sollom.

Most of the games and drills focused on working with the ball.

"It's a lot of them and the ball, a lot of ball mastery," said Knutson. "If they can get more touches on the ball, that's what we're looking to do."

High school players from both the boys and girls teams assisted with the clinic. It gave the coaches a chance to see their players in a new light,

"It's weird because we see (the players) as kids," said Sollom, "but when they're out here, they're adults."

The coaches enjoy the opportunity to connect with the youth.

"I think it's really important," said Knutson. "I'd like to see our youth program and our high school really connected."

The boys' varsity season gets underway in August.

"My expectation is we will play to our potential. If we can play to our potential, everything will work itself out," said Sollom, "If we play the way we're capable of playing we'll have a very good season."