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Hudson hockey holds week-long off-season camp

Varsity head coach Brooks Lockwood stressed schemes and systems to his players at last week's practice. It was his first on-ice time with the team. Photo by Jace Frederick1 / 2
Jake Dowell from the Minnesota Wild gave instructions to the Raider hockey team last Monday. Photo by Jace Frederick2 / 2

Fifty Hudson high school hockey players took to the ice last week for their five-day off-season contact period.

It was new varsity head coach Brooks Lockwood's first time on the ice with the team. He saw the week as an opportunity to introduce players to his expectations.

"It's extremely important to set the tone for what's going to happen and make them prepared for what's coming in the fall," said Lockwood, "It was also important to bring guys that might not be on the varsity team up so they'll know what it's like when they're up at this level."

The coaching staff spent the majority of the time working with the squad on schemes and principles.

"We worked mainly on our systems so that we could get the kids prepared for what's going to happen during the regular season," said Lockwood, "we worked on what our focus is on each end of the ice and how we plan to prepare for each team and what they'll be running."

Lockwood was impressed with his team's work ethic in their first impression.

"The biggest thing was the attitude of the players. They're anxious to learn and that's a good thing. They're all listening and they're all attentive and positive, so that was good. They're all working hard and that's what we're looking for."

The staff received assistance from two National Hockey League professionals during the week. Eau Claire Memorial alum and new member of the Minnesota Wild Jake Dowell helped out with the team on Monday while Hudson grad and defenseman for the Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings Davis Drewiske was on-hand from Monday through Wednesday.

"It was good to have some pro players out here that have played in this conference before, had success here and moved on," said Lockwood, "For the kids to see that was special."

Drewiske likes Hudson's future with Lockwood at the helm.

"I was really excited that he got the job here. He has big shoes to fill after coach Stoskopf left, but it's good to know that the program's in good hands."

Drewiske, Lockwood, and assistant coach Ben Bosworth all played on the 2001 state champion Raider squad.

"I think being alumni has some positive aspects to it. I think the kids are respectful of the fact that both myself and coach Bosworth worked really hard while we were here and had some success and we can illustrate that to the kids on what it's going to take to be successful," said Lockwood.

Practice for the regular season starts in November.

"Hopefully everybody will be ready. They should all know how to prepare. They'll be held accountable when they come back to be prepared for the regular season, so hopefully we'll accomplish that."

Jake Dowell from the Minnesota Wild gave instructions to the Raider hockey team last Monday. Photo by Jace Frederick