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Favre says Thompson begged him to stay away; Grant holdout

Brett Favre now claims that Packers' General Manager Ted Thompson pleaded with him to stay away from Green Bay's training camp that started Sunday.

The three-time MVP quarterback told Sports Illustrated's Peter King and ESPN's Chris Mortenson that it's clear the Packers want him to stay retired.

Other media reports say Favre refuses to talk to the New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers about a possible trade - in apparent move to make the Packers give him his outright release.

The word is that Favre would then sign with Minnesota, where he has number of friends as players and coaches, but Favre refuses to say that.

He denied the Vikings tampered with him, and he said the Packers never gave him a cell phone which he reportedly used to call Vikings' coaches.

Favre said his relatives in Mississippi want him to return to Green Bay and force his hand.

He reportedly asked Thompson again to let him compete with Aaron Rodgers as the Pack's No. 1 quarterback, but Coach Mike McCarthy told reporters on Saturday that Rodgers is their man.

Favre said the general manager was shattered when he asked if he could report to camp anyway.

He quoted Thompson as saying, "Brett, you can't do that, you'll get me fired."

Favre then agreed to give Thompson a couple days to work something out and that's why he has not filed his reinstatement papers with the NFL yet.

He says he'll give the Packers until mid-week and if nothing changes, he'll report to their camp.

Grant hold-out

The Packers will hold their first practice at training camp today without their top running back from a year ago. Ryan Grant did not report Sunday and his agent said he was insulted at the offer the team gave him on Saturday.

Alan Herman said the Packers proposed a six-year contract extension with a signing bonus of $1.75 million and Grant would get a total of around $2 million for this year.

Herman said the signing bonus was a lot less than linebacker Brady Poppinga was given last week and he said the package was a lot less than the four year, $40 million contract given Sunday to Chicago Bears' returner and receiver Devin Hester.

Ted Thompson says he remains optimistic about signing Grant. He calls it a unique situation, and the two sides are still talking.

Thompson would not say when a deal could be reached.

Grant rushed for over 1,000 yards in the second half of the regular season and the playoffs.

Meanwhile, the last of the Packers' nine draft choices signed a contract Sunday - second-round quarterback Brian Brohm.