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Receivers look to get a handle on the ball; DT signed

It seems this pre-season the Packers receiving corps just can't seem to find the handle on the football.

"I don't like it. It falls under the category we talked about yesterday about fundamentals," Packers' Head Coach Mike McCarthy told reporters Tuesday.

McCarthy said it's not the norm of for the receivers to drop passes and the receivers have to get back to hanging onto the ball.

"We started out the first two games not catching the ball the way we are capable of catching the ball, so we need to catch the ball the way we are capable of catching the ball," He said.

Even sure-handed Donald Driver is dropping passes and he attributes that to one thing.

"Lack of concentration," Driver said.

"Right now that's our goal this week is catching all the balls and making all the plays count," he added.

The coach also addressed the high number of passes being thrown during the past two games and said it wasn't just a plan to get Aaron Rodgers ready for the regular season.

"The way we are calling the plays has nothing to do with trying to get him ready as far as exactly what he needs. We're trying to get the offense ready. He's the quarterback," McCarthy said.

He added that during the past two games more running plays were called, but they were checked off because of defensive shifts on the field.

According to McCarthy, those shifts meant that under the system the Packers use there were more first and second down passes.

"So you have to have the ability at the line of scrimmage to keep your offense in a best play available mindset, and he has done that. But as far as going out and saying, 'Hey, we're going to go out and throw 15 more drop-back passes in first and second down because he needs it,' that's not the case," McCarthy said.

The return of receiver Greg Jennings Friday against Denver may help the Packers air game.

"I feel good, I'm ready to go," said Jennings. "Friday, I'm good to go."

Jennings said part of the pass dropping problem is that the receivers like to make the run after the catch.

"When you are dealing with guys that like to run after the catch, sometimes that run after the catch comes before the catch," Jennings said.

DT signed

The Packers made a move to shore up their ailing defensive front by signing free-agent defensive tackle Rodney Allen.

Allen is a 6-foot-2, 315-pound player and was a two-year letterman at Kansas. He will wear No. 67.

The team also placed tight end Evan Moore on injured reserve with a knee injury.

Murphy on contract team

Packers' President and CEO Mark Murphy will be among the NFL executives trying to work out a new contract with the players union.

Murphy has been named to the NFL's Management Council Executive Committee by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Murphy used to be a player representative for the union and Goodell says that experience will make him an important part of the management committee.