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Packers-themed barn reflects fan-favorite shift

It's another sign that Brett Favre is becoming a distant memory in Wisconsin. Patti Schroeder of Fremont has removed Favre's number from her popular red barn along Highway 10-45 in Waupaca County.

The barn sang Favre's praises as one of Wisconsin's most beloved figures when he quarterbacked the Packers to the Super Bowl XXXI title 15 seasons ago. When Favre was traded to the New York Jets in 2008, Schroeder's barn read "4-Ever in Our Heart."

A year later, when the Packers' arch-rival team Minnesota signed him, the heart was split in two.

Aaron Rodgers then started getting better numbers than the three-time MVP Favre. And Schroeder's barn reflected that with the message: "Number-12 is Three-Times Number-Four." That message struck such a chord that ESPN featured it a couple times.

Last week, the Worldwide Leader in Sports was on hand to see Favre's number deleted altogether. The message now reads simply, "Number-12 is Number-One."