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State gives pointers about Packers playoff tickets

Packer fans looking for playoff tickets not only have to watch for possible fakes - they also have to make sure nobody can steal the barcodes on what they buy.

Sandy Chalmers of the state's Consumer Protection agency says the barcode issue is a real problem. That's because those who buy from other individuals want to see the actual tickets online before they shell out the money.

Chalmers says people also like to brag about snagging tickets by showing them off on social media - where again, thieves can help themselves to the bar-code numbers. On game day, the first person at the gate with a particular bar-code gets in - and if it's not the buyer, too bad.

Chalmers says any tickets that a person puts online should have the barcodes covered up. Also, places like Craigslist have lots of fraudulent tickets for sale - and even the most authentic-looking tickets can be fakes. Chalmers says the best advice is to use the NFL's Ticket Exchange, or places like Stub-Hub which guarantee that the seats are valid.

The Packers would play the NFC Championship game at home on January 20 if the team beats San Francisco Jan. 12, and Seattle wins at Atlanta on Sunday. If the Falcons win, the conference title game would be in Atlanta against either the Packers or the 49'ers.

This year's Super Bowl is in New Orleans on February third.