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All four of the Packers' top receivers expected to play Saturday night

For the first time since late September, Aaron Rodgers is expected to have all four of his top receivers for more than one series tomorrow night.

The Green Bay Packers will host Minnesota in the Wild Card playoff round. Rodgers will have receivers Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, James Jones and Randall Cobb at the ready.

All four were available at the start of the Packers' first game with the Vikings this season on Dec. 2, but Nelson went out after his first play with an aggravated hamstring injury.

All four could be No. 1 receivers on other teams, and Jennings may go that route after this year. But for now, Jennings says the Packer offense can rack up even bigger numbers than it has, because the four receivers give Rodgers many more options.

Only Jones made it through the regular season without an injury. He led the NFL with 14 touchdown catches.

Cobb was healthy all year until he hurt a knee and ankle two weeks ago. He's back at full strength now. He led the Packers in the regular season with 954 yards and 80 catches, plus the yards he racked up on kickoff and punt returns.

Green Bay offensive coordinator Tom Clements also counts tight end Jermichael Finley as a major target. He says Rodgers can go to any one of them and get a big play.

Like Jennings, Finley's also playing out his contract. He set a Packer record for catches by a tight end with 61 this season.

Jennings' sister tweets criticism of Rodgers

Packers' receiver Greg Jennings said he was not happy with tweets from his sister that criticized quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the Packers in general.

But Jennings said he didn't tell his sister Valyncia to stop tweeting, and he didn't know that she closed out her Twitter account on Monday.

Jennings said he told his sister that he wished she would have made it clear that she was giving her own opinions, and not his.

During last Sunday's Packer loss at Minnesota, Valyncia Jennings tweeted that Rodgers was ignoring her brother on the field. She called him "the most overrated quarterback in the league."

She went on to tweet: "He is nowhere near Peyton or Brady. It sickens me. Peyton would average five TDs with this squad."

Greg Jennings will be a free agent after this season. The Packers have not offered a contract extension.

His sister also tweeted that Jennings needs to leave a "cheap" organization. She also criticized Rodgers for looking to other receivers.

One tweet ended, "If this idiot could see the coverage ... then he holds onto the ball and fumbles."

Jennings said a Packers public relations person told him about the tweets right after last Sunday's game. He said he called her afterward, and he has also talked to Rodgers.

The quarterback did not appear concerned that she was echoing what her brother might have been thinking.

Capers not sure how he'll use Woodson

We know that veteran defensive back Charles Woodson will return for the Green Bay Packers in Saturday night's home playoff game against Minnesota. The question is, how will defensive coordinator Dom Capers use him?

Capers says he's not 100 percent sure yet. It's possible that Woodson will either play at safety the entire night, or cover a slot receiver when the Packers enter their nickel and dime packages with five or six defensive backs.

Capers says it's most important to have Woodson adjust to the talents of his teammates and make sure no one else gets their weaknesses exposed.

Woodson has been out since Oct. 21 when he broke his collarbone against St. Louis. The Green Bay defense has changed a lot since then, as defensive backs Casey Hayward, M.D. Jennings and Jerron McMillian have combined to cover Woodson's duties. Brad Jones moved into one of the middle linebacker spots.

No matter what happens, Capers believes that Woodson will make his mark against the Vikings. He says Woodson makes two to three plays each game that make a real difference. He said Woodson's 15 years of experience especially helps in the playoffs.