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Milwaukee slugger Ryan Braun continues to maintain his innocence

Maintaining his innocence after a report that he could soon face a 100-game suspension for buying performance-enhancing drugs, Ryan Braun said, "The truth has not changed."

ESPN's "Outside the Lines" reported Tuesday night that former Miami clinic director Tony Bosch is about to come clean and tell baseball investigators about his dealings with the Milwaukee Brewers slugger and other big league stars. In exchange, Major League Baseball would drop its civil lawsuit against Bosch and officials would encourage prosecutors not to file criminal charges.

The report says up to 20 players - including Braun and Alex Rodriguez - could be suspended after their names were seen on payment books for Bosch's clinic. The whole thing could unravel within the next month.

Both Braun and Bosch have publicly denied that the Brewers' 2011 league Most Valuable Player bought PEDs. Both insist that Braun's attorneys sought out Bosch for consulting, as Braun was appealing a 50-game suspension for having synthetic testosterone in his system at the start of the 2011 playoffs.

Braun won his appeal, blaming the way a urine sample was delivered to a testing clinic. Baseball later fired the arbitrator who sided with Braun, and tightened up its procedures for handling drug tests.

ESPN says Braun, Rodriguez and perhaps others face a double penalty - 50-game suspensions for having a connection to Bosch and 50-games for denying to Major League Baseball that they used PEDs obtained from Bosch.