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Favre again denies return rumor

"It's all rumor," said Brett Favre about a report that he has talked with the Green Bay Packers about coming out of retirement.

ESPN reported yesterday that Favre told coach Mike McCarthy he wants to return, and his family wants him to play.

But the report said the Packers are reluctant to allow him back, saying Favre retired for the right reasons and they've been busy grooming Aaron Rodgers at quarterback.

The Packers say they have no official response, but some of Favre's relatives confirm to various Wisconsin media that they indeed want him back and he's been working out.

Favre's brother Scott calls the odds of a return "50-50."

Favre's mother Bonita said she still believes Packers' General Manager Ted Thompson does not really want him around - something Favre has denied.

His agent, Bus Cook, says Favre is still retired as far as he's concerned and it will stay that way unless he hears differently.

The NFL says Favre is still listed as an active player and the Packers have fueled the speculation themselves, by not having any more than two draft choices back up Rodgers at the moment.

Thompson passed on signing veterans Gus Frerotte and Daunte Culpepper as possible back-ups.