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Hudson lacrosse gets going via Stillwater

Almost half those at a heavily attended Stillwater lacrosse clinic for boys and girls were from Hudson, and if local youth want to play in a spring league, they can do so through Stillwater.

All the needed information and a summer registration form for the boys program is on their Web site, There has been a push by Hudson enthusiasts to get a youth program going here, and the Stillwater involvement is viewed as a first step.

As for girls lacrosse, Hudson athletes are also being referred to Stillwater until there is enough interest to field a local team and have a manager. There is a large difference in rules, equipment and playing style between boys and girls -- such as whether helmets are required -- so it would not be fair to lump them together in one program, officials said.

For more information about girls lacrosse in Stillwater, contact Laurie Dick at (651) 439-6292 or, or see, the girls middle school program Web site.

Since these are startup programs, parents are needed as coaches. There is a short but mandatory coaching clinic that needs to be attended prior to the season. Most of it entails viewing a PowerPoint presentation, filling out background check forms and having a photo taken.

For more information, contact Rick Hansen of Hudson Lacrosse at (715) 381-0320 or

Registration information will also be posted on the Hudson Hockey Association website,, under the tab on the left for lacrosse.