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Having a cold one

Crusaders wing Kyle Romanchuk squares off with an opponent. Photo by Joe Winter1 / 2
"Beer garden" at the Crusaders game and fundraiser. Photo by Joe Winter2 / 2

The local Junior A hockey team, the Hudson Crusaders, had a festive weekend that included a game with first-time fundraiser beer sales and Buffalo Wild Wings food.

A beer garden of sorts was formed on Saturday evening by roping off about one-third of the bleacher area on the arena's far end.

While part of the idea was to cater to deer hunting widows -- a concept that apparently has faded from popularity in most local establishments -- the fund-raiser attracted many more men than women.

Local fans joked that any scuffling that occurred was strictly on the ice, as it is considered a part of Junior A, Tier III hockey. In one second-period instance, wing Kyle Romanchuk and an opponent from the Minnesota Wildcats drew minor penalties in the high-scoring game, won by Hudson.