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You think it's funny now? Wait till the season starts

I get a lot of jokes e-mailed to me, and lately my inbox has been filling up with jokes at Brett Favre's expense. Here's a sampling:

--Brett Favre has reportedly been sending X-rays to the Minnesota Vikings. It seems like an unnecessary gesture since everyone can already see right through him.

--Brett Favre has told friends that he plans to play for the Vikings. Given the way Favre burned the Packers and the Jets, we thought he already WAS a Viking.

--Brett Favre is currently selling his 2007 Ford F-150 truck on eBay. Or maybe he isn't. Wait, no no, he is. Nah, he'll just keep it for another year.

--It was reported Tuesday that Brett Favre will be meeting with the Vikings' head coach about a possible comeback with Minnesota, after retiring two years in a row. The Vikings have already started printing up "We'll Miss You, Brett!" T-shirts.

Even current NFL players are getting in on the action. A friend of mine sent me a YouTube clip of New York Giants offensive lineman David Diehl portraying Favre in a skit at a New York City comedy club a few weeks ago.

Diehl is seated at a table wearing a Green Bay Packers' hat when a waitress comes up to take his dinner order.

"I'll have the cheese ravioli," he says, and she starts to walk away.

"No wait, uh, how's the bacon burger? You know what? I'm going to go with the bacon burger... but... no... umm... give me the cheese ravioli OK?... Wait, how is your bacon burger?"

This goes on and on until Diehl, as Favre, finally breaks down.

"You know what? I'm not even hungry," he says and begins to fake sob.

Then, just as the laughter from the audience dies down, he puts on a New York Jets' hat and orders a pizza.


This is what the great Brett Favre has become -- the laughingstock of the NFL. And quite frankly, I couldn't enjoy it any more if Brad Childress showed up at minicamp in a fright wig and a visor.

Oh wait, Childress DID do that!

You just can't make this stuff up.

While plenty of my Packer-fan friends are wringing their hands over the prospect of Favre playing for the hated Minnesota Vikings, I've decided to just sit back and enjoy the show.

I mean, really, how often does a circus like this hit town? You might as well enjoy the clowns because something like this isn't likely to happen again for a hundred years, or when the Packers retire Favre's jersey, whichever comes first.

On the one side you have arguably the greatest quarterback in Packers' history who is so bitter about the way he was treated in his final days in Green Bay he wants to play for the team's archrival just to stick it to Packers management.

On the other side you've got a Vikings' team that's willing to roll the dice with a 40-year-old legend in his own mind in the hopes that he has one more good year in him and the team will finally put an end to its oh-fer Super Bowl history. And maybe parlay that into a new stadium to boot.

Now that's entertainment. The only thing better will be watching Favre's third annual retirement press conference when the season's over.

Bob Burrows
Bob Burrows has been sports editor at the River Falls Journal since 1996 and at the Hudson Star-Observer since 2009. Prior to joining the Journal, Burrows served as sports editor with Ledger Publications in Balsam Lake, Wis. A native of Bayonne, N.J. and a U.S. Navy veteran, Burrows attended Marquette University before completing his studies at UW-River Falls in 1992.
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