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Packers appear serious about using no-huddle offense

The Green Bay Packers dabbled with the no-huddle offense a year ago - and they appear to be serious about using it more this season.

Coach Mike McCarthy rolled out the no-huddle on one series last year - a 90-yard touchdown drive at Atlanta which tied the game against the Falcons.

It was also reported to be part of the game plan for last season's Super Bowl, but the Packers never used it in their victory over Pittsburgh.

Green Bay has been using the no-huddle offense a lot more during this year's exhibition season. Aaron Rodgers and the No. 1 offense used it in scoring drives in their first two pre-season games against Cleveland and Arizona.

Quarterbacks coach Tom Clements says nobody knows how much the Packers will use the no-huddle this season. He says it has a number of advantages, including allowing the offense to choose its plays according to how the defense lines up.

The no-huddle offense also creates a more up-tempo style of play, which Clements says will help the Packers.

The no-huddle requires a good decision-maker at quarterback, and the coaches say Rodgers is up to the challenge. The Packers continued practice Wednesday for their Friday night exhibition at Indianapolis.