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Aaron Rodgers declines comment on Favre's remarks

Aaron Rodgers took the high road Wednesday in responding to criticism by his predecessor.

Brett Favre told an Atlanta radio interviewer that Rodgers "fell into a good situation." Favre said that with all the talent Rodgers had to work with he was surprised that Rodgers didn't win a Super Bowl earlier than his third season as the Packers' starter.

Favre also said he doubted that the Packers would live up to their Super Bowl hype last year, until they started hitting their stride around the middle of the season.

Rodgers refused to get into a spitting match when given the opportunity Wednesday.

He hesitated a bit and then said, "The only thing I want to say is, I'm just really proud of our guys and what our team did last season. It was a great accomplishment. It obviously got the attention of a lot of people."

When asked if he thought Favre's comments were disrespectful, Rodgers said the Packers "had the right recipe last year, and we're trying to do the same thing this season."

QBs stand up for Jolly

Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre have one more thing in common besides their accomplishments on the field with the Packers. Both have stood up for teammates who've been suspended - and both decried the NFL's refusal to help such players.

On ESPN Radio in Milwaukee, Rodgers said he was upset that the league didn't do more for suspended Packers defensive end Johnny Jolly. He's been on an indefinite suspension after two arrests for possessing illegal codeine in Texas in 2008 and again in March of this year.

Jolly was arrested a third time last weekend for the same offense. Rodgers said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has done a great job of cleaning up some of the league's personal problems with players. But Rodgers added, "If you take a guy away from his support system, I don't think that's helping."

When Favre played at Green Bay, he came to the defense of receiver Koren Robinson, who was suspended for a year due to alcohol violations. Favre said it was wrong for the league to keep Robinson away from the team's training facilities and the teammates who gave him positive influences.

Zombo returns to practice

Green Bay Packers linebacker Frank Zombo says he's not feeling pain after breaking a shoulder scapula in mid-August. The second-year pro was expected to be out for eight to 12 weeks, but he returned to practice Wednesday after just six and a half weeks of recovery time.

Zombo took park in every drill, although his participation was limited. He wore pads to protect the shoulder.

Zombo said he's looking forward to making an immediate impact on the Green Bay defense as soon as he can. Whether that will happen on Sunday night at Atlanta remains to be seen.

Coach Mike McCarthy says it depends on how Zombo looks at practice.

Zombo said he began a workout program with the Packer coaching staff just a week after he got hurt, and he was careful when exercising the injured shoulder as he focused on his strength and conditioning.

In his rookie season last year, Zombo missed six games with a knee injury. And he returned just in time for the Super Bowl, where he had a sack and six tackles against Pittsburgh.