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Conservation group calls for tougher laws after deer slaughtering case

A conservation group wants the Legislature to toughen the state's animal cruelty laws.

Whitetails Unlimited said it was wrong for a judge to dismiss felony cruelty charges against a Waupaca County man accused of running down deer with his snowmobile in January.

Circuit Judge John Hoffman ruled this month that the animal charges did not apply to Robby Kuenzi, 23, of Weyauwega.

His lawyer convinced the judge that Kuenzi was actually hunting at the time. His brother Rory, 24, will try to get his charges dropped Wednesday, when he appears in court before another Waupaca judge, Philip Kirk.

A third defendant is expected to make the same request to a third judge next month.

Prosecutors have appealed the dismissals of Robby's charges.

Jeff Schinkten, the president of Whitetails Unlimited, says it quote "defies reason" for a judge to equate legal hunting with running down multiple deer with a pack of snowmobiles.

And if the dismissals stand, Schinkten says the law should be changed so "future criminals can't hide behind ethical hunters."