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Badger design wins online poll for new license plate

Department of Natural Resources Secretary Matt Frank today announced the results of an online survey to help gauge the popularity of four potential designs for a new Wisconsin Endangered Resources license plate.

More than 23,000 votes were cast to help select the license plate design to benefit Wisconsin's endangered resources

"Hands down, this has been the most popular survey to date for the DNR. We know University of Wisconsin students, using social media, lobbied hard for their school mascot," Frank said.

"Of the four plate designs depicting native Wisconsin wildlife and their habitat, the badger received 68 percent of the total, coming in at 16,167 votes."

In second place, the great blue heron and eastern bluebird designs ran beak and beak, each with 12 percent of the total and 2,890 and 2,846 votes respectively.

The red-headed woodpecker brought in 8 percent of the total with 1,905 votes. Online voting ran from October 9 through the 19.

"There is a great deal of awareness and pride in Wisconsin's beautiful natural resources and interest in protecting them for future generations," Frank said.

The new plate design will use the latest color technology and is expected to be available to Wisconsin motorists for a $25 contribution. One hundred percent of the $25 will be used to support the Endangered Resources conservation fund.

The departments of Natural Resources and Transportation will use the survey results to help make a final decision on the new design.

The plate will be available to Wisconsin motorists in 2010 in addition to the grey wolf, featured on the Endangered Resources plate since 1995.

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