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DNR closes Bass Lake landing due to dangerous ice

The boat landing for Bass Lake in St. Croix County has been temporarily closed to vehicles because of deteriorating ice, the state Department of Natural Resources reported today, Friday, Feb. 18.

The landing is located at the north end of the lake off Townline Road in the Town of Somerset. Unseasonably warm weather has caused an early melting of ice close to the access. Several vehicles have broken through the ice right at the ramp, DNR conservation wardens said.

Currently there is no safe way to drive a vehicle on or off the ice from this public access. Soft mud and sediment around the site make it impossible for drivers to steer around the weakened ice at the lake's only landing. An ice fishing contest scheduled for Feb. 26 might have to be cancelled, wardens said.

People can still walk on to the ice at their own risk. There are four ice fishing shelters on the lake. Persons attempting to remove their ice shelters should work to find alternate shoreline sites on the lake where this might be possible.

"We want to protect people from getting stuck or getting injured, and we want to prevent damage to the landing," said warden supervisor David Hausman. "We are closing the site and posting signs which are effective immediately."