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2007 Deer gun season hunter reminders

The following reminders will help insure all hunters and non-hunters have a safe and enjoyable 2007 deer gun season:

  • Carcass disposal -- Disposal of carcasses on state or other public lands is littering and subject to fines. Hunters should dispose of deer carcasses either far off-road on private lands (with landowner permission) or through their local garbage disposal company.
  • Shooting/hunting on roads can be a deadly practice - Shooting from public roads or roadsides is an unsafe practice. "Vehicles, people, homes, and other buildings concentrate near roads making an accident more likely to happen from a rifle shot," said Chris Wunrow, DNR law enforcement safety specialist. Knowing your target and what is beyond is more critical when a road is nearby, the safety specialist said.

    A public road is any road shown on an official Department of Transportation County Highway map. Maps showing county highways may be obtained at DOT offices. Unless the hunter is physically handicapped and unable to get into the field, hunting is an activity that must be done in the woods, marshes and fields. Road hunters and road hunting leads to trespass and safety problems and reflects poorly on the majority of hunters who hunt ethically and responsibly.

  • Timber theft - County and federal property owners provide permits to cut firewood and Christmas trees. The permits cost only a few dollars and can be picked up at most county forest administrator offices and Forest Service stations. Written permission to remove timber for firewood or Christmas trees should be obtained from the private landowner. Timber theft carries a hefty fine.
  • Hunting from moving vehicles - Hunting from any moving vehicle is against the law, unsafe and is an unethical way to hunt. Wunrow added that bouncing down a trail or woods road with a loaded gun is an accident waiting to happen. Play it safe by unloading and casing any firearm before a vehicle is underway.

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