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Early trout season opens March 1

Fish biologists report strong trout populations statewide for the March 1 opening day of the early trout season.

Fishing forecasts and a short Web cast with Mike Miller's fishing tips may be found on the DNR Web site. Miller is a Department of Natural Resources stream ecologist and avid fly fisherman.

The season opens at 5 a.m. March 1 and runs through April 27, 2008, and is catch-and-release with only artificial lures with barbless hooks allowed.

All trout streams are open in 46 counties, and at least one stream is open in 18 additional counties.

The snow covering much of the state may make it more difficult for anglers to get to trout streams but will help replenish the groundwater the streams depend on.

The heavy snow cover also means anglers will need to pay close attention to how runoff from melting snow is affecting the stream they want to fish.

"If a stream starts to cloud up a little bit, it could be beneficial," Claggett says. "Debris will start dropping in the water and the fish will be feeding. But if it gets too cloudy, too high, that could shut things down."

Across both the early season and the regular inland season, trout anglers caught an estimated 1.6 million trout in 2006-07, according to results from a mail survey of anglers.