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Wisconsin anglers see early deadlines for ice shanty removal

A tip to Wisconsin ice fishing anglers: This year's removal dates for shanties is early.

Dates are determined by anticipated ice melting and changes in regulations.

If not removed, shelters can sink or be carried away, creating a danger to boaters.

All ice fishing shelters must be completely removed by:

  • March 1 - Wisconsin-Minnesota boundary waters.
  • March 2 - Inland waters south of State Highway 64, except for the Fox River downstream from the DePere dam in Brown County, where shelters must always be removed daily and when not in use.
  • March 15 - Wisconsin-Michigan boundary waters.
  • March 16 - Inland waters north of State Highway 64, Lake Michigan, Green Bay and Lake Superior.

    Feb. 20 was the deadline on Wisconsin-Iowa boundary waters.

    Anglers may continue to use a portable shelter but must remove it when it is not occupied.

    Failure to remove ice fishing shelter by these deadlines could result in a forfeiture of $249. Additional costs may be incurred if the shelter breaks through the ice and must be recovered and disposed of.

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