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Assembly passes 10-year-old hunting bill

Ten- and 11-year-olds could go hunting under a bill the Assembly passed Wednesday night.

Right now, nobody under 12 can take a weapon into the woods.

The bill would allow those as young as 10 to hunt, as long as they're in arms' reach of an adult mentor who's certified by the Department of Natural Resources.

The Assembly also voted 73-22 to create stiff penalties for those caught feeding deer illegally.

It's banned in counties where chronic wasting disease has been found.

Elsewhere, folks can only feed up to 2 gallons in places free of animal byproducts.

The bill creates a fine of $2,500 for violators, plus the revocation of hunting licenses.

Also, the lower House voted 55-40 to give tax credits to companies that reimburse their employees for work-related schooling.

They also voted to make tobacco companies produce cigarettes that snuff themselves out if they're not being smoked.

The goal is to reduce fires. Tobacco-makers did not oppose it. In fact, R.J. Reynolds is voluntarily going to fire-safe cigarettes next year.

All these bill now go to the Senate.