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State VHS rules now permanent

Wisconsin anglers now have permanent rules to keep the fish-killing VHS virus from spreading.

Legislators had until Thursday to object to the regulations passed by the Natural Resources Board. Nobody said a word, so the temporary rules adopted last year will be made permanent when they're published in June.

Boaters must drain their craft every time they leave a lake. Also, no live fish can be transferred from one body of water to another.

The rules apply statewide which some anglers say is unnecessary because VHS never spread beyond Lakes Michigan and Winnebago since last spring.

Also, they said they had to keep throwing away minnows after just one fishing trip.

The DNR fixed that. Minnows can now be re-used in different trips on the same waters, as long as they were sold in Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, all four national parks on Lake Superior will also start imposing emergency rules this weekend to keep VHS away.

Recreational boats and gear must be decontaminated before launching at the Apostle Islands. VHS has not spread northward to Lake Superior and officials say they want to keep it that way.