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Controlled burn held at park

St. Croix County hired Habitat Forever (a division of Pheasants Forever) to do a prescribed burn at Homestead Parklands on Perch Lake Tuesday, April 29.

Wind direction, speed and humidity levels came together to enable the burn to occur that day, and Dan Cain and his crew burned the entire main prairie bowl after first starting a back fire from the direction the wind was blowing. Prairies are dependent on fire to remain healthy (the flames burn out invasive woody plants). The type of prairie at Perch Lake is oak savannah, one of the rarer prairies.

The burr oak's thick bark protects it from the flames. Visitors to the park may notice that one corner at the edge of the pond wasn't burned. Dan found a goose nest there, set a back fire and tromped flames to spare the nest in order to save the geese the trouble of re-nesting.