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Internet ATV safety course now available

Operators of all terrain vehicles now have a convenient online method to receive ATV Safety Certification through an Internet Web page introduced by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

"This should prove very beneficial to young adult operators and out-of-state operators who need ATV Safety Certification," said Gary Eddy, DNR all-terrain vehicle administrator.

All operators at least age 12 and born on or after Jan. 1, 1988, must complete an ATV Safety Certification course in order to operate on public ATV trails and areas in Wisconsin.

"The Internet course may not be for everyone. Parents will have to gauge whether an Internet course is the best fit for their child. For some students, young and old, a classroom course with instructors and hands-on learning may be a better fit," said Eddy.

Both courses provide basic information on how to operate an ATV safely and responsibly, but they don't make you an expert rider. The Internet course is available at

Students must continue to practice what they've learned in their ATV Safety Course and parents need to reinforce what has been taught."