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Owls bring in a crowd

Jean and Wayne Haut of Hudson pose with Xena, a Eurasian eagle owl. The species is found throughout Europe, Asia and to some extent in northern Africa. Photo by Margaret Ontl

Walter Crawford, director of the World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis, brought an entourage of owls plus one to the Carpenter St. Croix Valley Nature Center March 7 and 8, presenting four programs to nearly 300 guests.

His message, filled with humorous anecdotes, reflected the need for species preservation, environmental education and simple enjoyment of the outdoor world by people of all ages.

CNC has 425 acres preserved on the Minnesota side of the St. Croix River and 300 acres in Wisconsin. Ten miles of hiking trails allow visitors to see a wide variety of plant and animal habitats. For more information on the World Bird Sanctuary, visit

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