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Early stage of North Hudson deer hunt is successful

With the first six weeks of the archery season history, the River Valley Deer Management pilot program deer hunt has had a successful run in North Hudson.

Lon Feia, president of the organization, said that the six hunters in the group had bagged 16 antlerless deer. "Our goal this first year was 30 to 50, so it has been good," he said Monday morning.

The total after five weeks included 10 adults and six yearlings. All the meat has been distributed including 10 to residents of the village and two to a food shelf in River Falls, Feia said.

"The biggest thing is that we have had 100 percent recovery of the deer with no safety issues. We are really pleased with the response from the residents. It has been good," he said.

Feia said not only have homeowners given permission to hunt on their land but also the neighbors have been cooperative when the archers have to follow and retrieve a deer that has been hit.

The hunters in the program, all members of River Valley Deer Management, realize the urban herd is relatively tame. One of the members shot four deer in one day, which is rare at best in a non-urban situation. But the deer will change their patterns and could be harder to find in the future.

Ironically the first weekend in October was better than last weekend in September when the snow and cold weather set in, Feia said.

The season started Sept. 12 and runs through Jan. 31. Feia said that a successful pilot program will provide for more acceptance to the urban hunt next year.

The North Hudson Board of Trustees approved the hunt earlier this year in an attempt to serve residents who have been asking for years for some kind of plan to reduce the ever-increasing deer herd in the village. A number of residents have suffered damage to trees, flowers and shrubs from the animals.