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Town of Somerset boxer shot in chest with arrow

A boxer named Buster was discovered under a deck in the town of Somerset April 27 with an arrow shot in his chest. The St. Croix County Sheriff's Department is searching for a suspect in the incident. The dog is recovering from the wound.

The St. Croix County Sheriff's Department is investigating an incident in which a dog was shot in the chest with an arrow and attempting to find the suspected archer.

Sheriff Dennis Hillstead said a resident of the town of Somerset reported he discovered a dog with an arrow stuck in its chest standing underneath his deck at about 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 27, when he let his own dog out.

The sheriff's report said the dog, a boxer, was alert and standing but appeared in a lot of pain. He was transferred to Countryside Veterinarian Clinic in New Richmond.

"They took an x-ray and removed the arrow," said Hillstead. "The arrow penetrated the chest through a lung and hit the liver."

The x-rays revealed the arrow was two and one-half to three feet long and was lodged through the whole body cavity of the dog, the report said.

The sheriff said late last week that the dog, he estimated to be about two or three years old, was eating and drinking and recovering from the wound.

"It was a field tip arrow, not a broad head," said Hillstead.

The next day a deputy canvassed the area around 74th Street and 224th Avenue attempting unsuccessfully to locate the owner of the arrow, but found the owner of the dog who had been looking for him in the neighborhood.

Zachary Warnick said his boxer, Buster, had gone missing the morning of April 27.

Hillstead said there were no suspects but doubted the incident was an accident because the arrow hit the dog in the front at about the center of the chest.