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The heat in on at the Spicy Food World Championship

This German sign reads "This is the place where men can cry". Indeed here at the 'Spicy Food World Championship' in Berlin quite a few big boys ended up shedding tears in an effort to prove their hotness. The challenge: eat all 14 dishes of a specially prepared menu that increases in spiciness with every dish consumed. The scientific unit to measure hotness in food is called the Scoville Heat Unit. Regular Tabasco sauce is between 2,500 and 5,000 Scoville and the fiery sauce on top of their first dish is already 10,000. As the number of plates progressed, the field of tough guys dwindled, some literally feeling the heat. In the end Stephan Kuehne, a super human chilli consumer from Macedonia out-burned them all downing an unbelievable 7.7 million Scoville, which is supposedly hotter than pepper spray. But his response to victory was rather cool. SOUNDBITE: Winner Stephan Kuehne, saying (German) "The heat in your mouth, that's tolerable. It is the stomach that closes up very fast. And the heat and the combination with the stomach cramps - that is the hard thing." And for those who didn't go the distance this time, they can enter the fierce competition again next year.