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City OKs golf club subdivision

The clubhouse for the Hudson Golf Club is for sale. The two-level, 20,000-square-foot building was constructed in 1999.1 / 2
Hudson Golf Club owner Chris Hanson plans to operate the 18-hole course out of the present cart storage building, at the right of the photo, if the clubhouse sells. The Culver's restaurant, left, is just south of the three newly created commercial lots on the golf course property.2 / 2

A subdivision of about seven acres of Hudson Golf Club property on Carmichael Road was approved by a 5-1 vote of the City Council Monday night.

The certified survey maps create three commercial lots of roughly two acres in size, plus an outlot that could be used for a private driveway or street access to the lots.

The clubhouse sits on one of the lots. Another is to the north, where the 18th green is presently located. The third commercial lot is the area of the parking lot south of the clubhouse.

The outlot is between the parking lot and the Culver's restaurant to the south, where the present southern driveway to the golf course is located.

The approval of the survey maps came with four conditions:

1. That Golf Club owner Chris Hanson provide an easement for an access road along the back of the lots;

2. That Hanson's company provide a letter of credit assuring funds to install public and private sanitary sewer, water and driveway improvements;

3. That the final design of the utility lines and driveway be approved by the city engineer; and

4. That the owners of the nearby Culver's restaurant and Walgreen's drug store properties acknowledge in writing that they are aware of proposed changes to the access to their properties.

Attorney Jeff Redmond and Angela Popenhagen of Stevens Engineers represented Hanson at the meeting.

Redmond said the clubhouse and new lots have been listed with the Greystone Commercial real estate company.

He said the Hanson family intends to continue to operate the golf course, using the present cart storage building behind the Culver's restaurant as a clubhouse if the current clubhouse is sold.

The two-level, 20,000-square-foot clubhouse was built in 1999.

The 18th green will have to be moved if the lot on the north side is sold, Redmond said, and a new parking lot would be built if the present one is sold.

He said the course would continue to be a regulation one even if the lots are sold, but par would be reduced by one stroke on the 18th hole.