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Bringing the vineyard to you: The Traveling Vineyard

Whether you are a novice consumer of wine or an aficionado, The Traveling Vineyard may offer you a chance to expand your knowledge or to order top-of-the-line wines from around the world at better than retail prices.

"It is just like other home parties except it is with wine," said Renee Pruzek, area consultant for The Traveling Vineyard.

The parties are designed to bring the vineyard wine-tasting experience into the home.

"We talk about the body, bouquet, color and taste," said Renee. "Once people learn how to taste wine, they know what to look for."

After talking to the host, Pruzek selects five different bottles of wine, typically three reds and two whites, which are shipped directly to the host.

"I always try to select one wine that nobody has heard of," said Pruzek, who works with the host on food pairing, usually it is cheese, wine or chocolate. The host, under Pruzek's guidance, decants the wine and serves it.

During the evening, she shares details about each wine and the vineyard it came from. All of the wines offered by The Traveling Vineyard are rated at 90 or above on the 100 point wine-rating scale. Prices are typically between $11.99 and $19 for wines.

According to Pruzek, The Traveling Vineyard, based in Boston, seeks out fine wine from throughout the world. Out of every 100 bottles, only one makes the grade to be included in their offerings. Typically they have 75 different wines available for guests to order. The wines offered change so if you find one you like, Pruzek recommends you order it. Order sizes can range from one bottle to a case. All of the orders are placed directly with The Traveling Vineyard.

"It is a fun party to do with couples," said Pruzek, who recommends 12 to 18 participants.

"The focus is mostly the wine," said Pruzek, "although we do offer accessories to complement the wine experience."

"'Good Morning America' rated The Traveling Vineyard one of the best businesses you can do from home," said Pruzek. "You can do this whether you are working or not. It's really flexible."

Pruzek and her husband, Noah, are both Chippewa Falls natives. After living for a time in the Twin Cities they decided they needed to move back in their home state, and Hudson was the obvious choice. They live in North Hudson with their three boys, Colin, Benjamin and William. Pruzek was a school counselor but after her sons were born she decided to stay at home.

"I love wine and was looking for an engaging way to be with adults," said Pruzek. "The Traveling Vineyard has created a way for me to do both and earn funds all at the same time."

For more information about The Traveling Vineyard or to book a party, contact Pruzek at (612) 816-0391 or through the Web site