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Hudson Martial Arts wants to build a stronger community

Master Greg Garves has opened a new martial arts studio in Hudson. The studio is located at 1615A Maxwell Drive. Rebecca Mariscal / RiverTown Multimedia

Waking people up and building their strength is the goal of Master Greg Garves, and he hopes to do so for Hudson residents with his new business Hudson Martial Arts at 1615A Maxwell Drive.

"I get excited watching people come alive," Garves said.

Though new to Hudson, Garves is not new to martial arts. He has practiced for about 35 years, and has been teaching since about 1986, around four years later.

The studio teaches Kyuki-do, which means to strike with force or energy. The practice focuses on discerning, and then acting.

"Stop hesitating, stop holding back," Garves explained. "Go."

Garves originally had a martial arts studio in River Falls, but sold it to one of his students.

"I took a sabbatical and then I realized this is what I'm supposed to be doing," Garves said.

When he came back, he decided to move the studio to Hudson.

"I think it's just the right community to have it here," Garves said.

The move has gone well, with old students returning and more joining now that they're in the Hudson area.

"We've had incredible enthusiasm from all of the people I've met in Hudson," Garves said.

With his studio now in town, Garves hopes to build stronger families and a stronger community.

"Community members that are more awake," Garves said.

Though martial arts is a physical exercise, Garves said there is a focus on the mental aspect.

"The brain is the important thing to us," he said. "You got to get to the brain. And we get to the brain through the body."

Doing so is a way to get people out of their routines, and wake them up from sleeping through life. Seeing that take effect is his favorite part of his business.

"It's watching the light come on for people, whether it's a child who is now connected to something they're good at or its an adult or parent who finds a comfortable place to get out of their routine," Garves said.

In his studio, the words "can't, tired and bored" are restricted.

Classes are available for kids and adults, and families as well. Instruction focuses on kicking, punching, blocking, grappling, weapon work and self-defense. The studio uses the belt system to measure accomplishment of goals. An achieved goal means an achieved belt.

For those interested in what they offer, Garves said he welcomes them for quick, free, private sessions. He uses it to gauge what they want to get out of their lessons.

"We're after lasting transformation or change based on what they say they want," Garves said.

With the upcoming Christmas season, Garves is looking forward to having more people come by the studio.

"We're ready to serve and ready to have all kinds of people come in," Garves said.

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Rebecca Mariscal

Rebecca Mariscal joined the Hudson Star Observer as a reporter in 2016. She graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in communication and journalism. 

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