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Plantables launches Kindness Kampaign

Plantables, a Hudson worker-focused business providing environmentally friendly products, is launching the "Plant Kindness Kampaign — Every Seed Matters" in partnership with other Hudson businesses. The event will take place April 16-22.

Participating businesses will be handing out plantable seed paper or seed bombs, manufactured by the Plantables team, to their customers, employees and clients as an act of kindness. Participants (those who give and receive) are encouraged to note acts of kindness all around them and share using Facebook or #plantkindness on Twitter and Instagram.

Proceeds from the Kindness Kampaign will support the Hudson Area Backpack Program, which provides healthy, nonperishable, child-friendly food items to local children or families in need. The Random Acts organization, a global organization striving to inspire acts of kindness around the world both big and small, will also match up to $500 in this effort. Providing funding to the Hudson Area Backpack Program will be especially important this year because of the longer summer break for Hudson students.

For more information, or if your business would like to participate in the Plant Kindness Kampaign, contact Plantables at 651-216-7294 or