Hudson diners: Want to eat in an igloo?


Cold temperatures won't keep Pier Five Hundred guests from enjoying the restaurant's popular patio this winter. Instead diners can enjoy the warmth of - an igloo.

"We have such a wonderful patio in the summer that sits empty in the winter," manager Tom Hommes said.

He said Pier Five Hundred was inspired by other restaurants that have done the same.

The igloos went up about a week before Christmas, and will be around for the rest of the season. Before opening the igloos, Pier Five Hundred worked with city staff to make sure the project was up to their approval.

"We just want to be safe," Hommes said.

They are heated, keeping a temperature in the upper 60s on most days, though Hommes said they're a little cooler when the temperatures are in the single digits.

"They have to be heated," Hommes said.

Two of the igloos are set up for lounge-style seating, and two are set for more formal dining. Games are provided ranging from cribbage to board games.

"The intent really is to enjoy some appetizers and cocktails with friends," Hommes said.

With the Super Bowl, Hommes said the restaurant added TVs to the set up.

The unique dining experience has been popular.

"They're pretty much booked solid through the beginning of March for weekends," Hommes said.

Weekdays are filling up too.

Hommes said he invites people to come down and enjoy the igloos for themselves.

"It's a fun, different experience," he said.

The igloos will be back next year, once the cold weather returns yet again.

"Learn everything this year and continue to improve the process," Hommes said. "We really wanted to do it this year and learn."