FOR PUBLICATION NOVEMBER 25, 2021 IN LINE AD WITH AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION RESOLUTION NUMBER 2021-14 RESOLUTION ADOPTING THE 2022 ANNUAL BUDGET AND ESTABLISHING THE PROPERTY TAX LEVY FOR THE VILLAGE OF NORTH HUDSON WHEREAS, the Village Administrator has prepared an Annual Budget for the 2022 fiscal year in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 2 Administration, Article V Finance and Taxation, Division 2 Budget of the North Hudson Village Code; and, WHEREAS, the Village Board has reviewed the proposed revenues from all sources and the proposed expenditures for all purposes and has directed that the proposed budget be adjusted accordingly; and, WHEREAS, the public hearing on the Annual Budget was held November 16, 2021 after due and proper notice of said hearing having been given in accordance with the provisions of Section 65.90, Wisconsin Statutes; and, WHEREAS, the Village Board adopted certain resolutions relating to borrowing and levying irrepealable taxes sufficient to pay such borrowing; and, WHEREAS, it is necessary to levy a property tax in the amount of $1,610,191.00 to fund the expenses of Village government as contained in the 2022 Annual Budget. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Village Board of the Village of North Hudson, Wisconsin as follows: 1.That the 2022 Annual Budget, a summary of which is attached hereto and made a part hereof, be and is hereby approved; 2.That the property tax is hereby levied and be placed upon the 2021 tax roll as follows: General Fund $1,610,191.00; 3.That the Village Administrator is hereby authorized to delete or create expenditure accounts and to reduce or increase the amounts reflected in the Annual Budget for such expenditure account through the transfer of funds between expenditure accounts with the various Departments within the General Fund, provided that the authorized expenditure limit of the General Fund, exclusive of any contingency appropriation, is not exceeded and the 2022 Annual Budget is not increased. PASSED AND ADOPTED by the Village Board of the Village of North Hudson this 16th day of November, 2021. Signed: Stan Wekkin, President Attested: Melissa Luedke, Village Administrator/Clerk Village of North Hudson, Wisconsin (Nov. 25, 2021) WNAXLP 2911452