INSTALLMENT ASSESSMENT NOTICE Notice is hereby given that a contract has been let for sidewalk replacement work on various streets as part of the City of Hudson's 2020 Sidewalk Replacement project and that the amount of the special assessment has been determined as to each parcel of real estate affected and a statement of the assessment is on file with the City clerk; it is proposed to collect the special assessment in installments as follows $500 or Less1 year $501 to $1,0002 years $1,001 to $2,5003 years $2,501 to $5,0005 years $5,001 or greater10 years as provided for by section 66.0715 of the Wisconsin Statutes, with interest at 4.7543% per year; that all assessments will be collected in installments as provided above except assessments on property where the owner files with the City clerk within 30 days from the date of this notice a written notice that the owner elects to pay the special assessment on the owner's property, describing the property, to the City treasurer on or before the following November 4, unless the election is revoked. If, after making the election, the property owner fails to make the payment to the City treasurer, the City clerk shall place the entire assessment on the following tax roll. Dated October 4, 2021 Becky Eggen City Clerk City of Hudson (Oct. 14, 2021) WNAXLP 2901004