NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING FOR TOWN OF HUDSON Notice is hereby given that, on Tuesday, November 9, 2021, for 5:00 PM., a Public Hearing on the Proposed 2022 Budget for the Town of Hudson will be held at the Hudson Town Hall, 980 County Road A, Hudson, WI. The proposed budget in detail is available for inspection at the Town clerk's office Monday-Wednesday by appointment. The following is a summary of the proposed 2022 Budget. Revenues:20212022% Change Taxes:AdoptedProposed General Property Taxes$1,446,2041,461,062+1.03% Other Taxes $548 705 Special Assessments$5,2005200 Intergovernmental Revenues $408,529404,029 Licenses & Permits$138,000119,500 Fines, Forfeitures & Penalties$2,0001,000 Public Charges for Services$80,10084,300 Misc. Revenue$11,80011,800 Total Revenue$2,092,381 2,087,596-.23% Proceeds from Long-term debt $0 0 Cash Balance Applied$208,991304,703 LGIP Savings Applied$826,755800,000 ARPA funds Applied 0459,446 Total Rev. & Cash Balance Applied$3,128,1273,651,745 Expenditures: General Government$284,340314,520 Public Safety $434,000434,000 Public Works$1,596,0001,596,000 Health & Human Services $500 500 Culture, Recreation & Education$225,382226,124 Conservation & Development $14,00047,000 Capital Outlay$30,000489,446 Debt Service$542,405542,655 Other Financing Uses$1,5001,500 Total Expenditures$3,128,1273,651,745+16.74% EstimatedEstimated Fund BalanceTotalTotalFund Balance 1/1/2021RevenuesExpenditures12/31/2021 General Town funds1,964,91512,755,952 13,941,990778,877 Road Account30,676 36030,712 LGIP Savings1,076,783 1,329 0 1,078,112 Professional Services009,9015,2954,606 ARPA Funds Account00459,4540459,454 The Town of Hudson has a total indebtedness of $ 1,606,377.50. Respectfully Submitted, Vickie Shaw Town Clerk (Oct. 14, 2021) WNAXLP 2906331