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St. Croix Central School District Board of Education Agenda for Regular Board Meeting Monday, October 18, 2021 7:00 P.M. - SCC District Office This meeting will also be held remotely via Google Meet at District Vision: Be a district respected by others as a model of excellence in student achievement District Mission: To prepare our students with exceptional character, knowledge and skills to thrive in their changing world Preliminary 1. Call to Order 2. Pledge of Allegiance 3. Roll Call 4. Report of Meeting Notification and Audio/Video Recording Reminder 5. Welcome Visitors - Public Comment 6. Highlight On Youth a. Change to Chill - School Psychologist Jenna Scheithauer Exhibit 6a 7. Comments by Board Members and Superintendent a. General Updates/Questions b.WASB Fall Regional Meeting Report c. Staff Scone Breakfast - October 20, 2021 8. Scheduled Presentations by Guests and Staff Members a. SCC Mental Health Program Spaghetti Supper - Sue Frank Exhibit 5a 9. Financial ReportsExhibit 9 Treasurer's Report Exhibit 9 Checkbook Summary Exhibit 9 Cash Receipts 10. Consideration of Consent Agenda a. Approval of MinutesExhibit 10a i. Wage and Benefit Committee Meeting - September 27, 2021 ii. SCC School Board Meeting - September 27, 2021 iii. SCC Board Learning and Special Meeting - October 4, 2021 b. Approval of Bi-Monthly Bills for August 2021 Exhibit 10b c.Approval of Resignations and Retirement i. Adam Newton 1 FTE MS 6th Grade Science Teacher August 12, 2021 d. Approval of Appointments and Contract Modifications i. Gordon Larson3 Hr. MS Assistant Cook 2 October 8, 2021 ii. Mandi Wilberg1 FTE MS Play - Coordinator October 7, 2021 iii. Mandi Wilberg1 FTE ES Play - Mentor October 7, 2021 e. Approval of Curricular Modifications Requests for Students to Enroll in Full-Time and Part-Time Virtual Courses for 2021-22 11. Administrative Reports a. Student Enrollment Update Exhibit 11a 12. The Key Work of Our School Board a. Student, Staff, and Community Recognition b. Discussion on Future District Needs and Priorities 13. Core Agenda Items a. Consideration of Budget, Tax Levy, and Mill Rate for the 2021-22 Fiscal Year Handout 13d b. Consideration of Changing Board Learning and Special Meeting Dates from Monthly to Quarterly Exhibit 13b c. Consideration of Superintendent Annual Goals Exhibit 13c 14. Other a. WASB State Convention on January 19-21, 2022 15. Important Upcoming Dates a. October 20, 2021 - SCC Community Task Force Meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the SCC High School Lecture Hall at 1751 Broadway Street, Hammond b. October 20, 2021 - Staff Appreciation Scone Breakfast Starting at 7:15 a.m. in Each Building c. November 3, 2021 - SCC Community Task Force Meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the SCC High School Lecture Hall at 1751 Broadway Street, Hammond d. November 15, 2021 - SCC School Board Meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the SCC District Office at 915 Davis Street, Hammond e. November 17, 2021 - SCC Community Task Force Meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the SCC High School Lecture Hall at 1751 Broadway Street, Hammond f. January 19-21, 2021 - WASB State Convention 16. Adjournment Jeff Redmon, School Board Clerk *This preliminary agenda is prepared early in order to meet publication timelines for the area newspapers. Changes to the agenda may occur. If so, those changes will appear on the final agenda at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting. The final agenda can be viewed on the district's website: Menu>Board of Education>Regular Monthly Meeting>Agendas>2021-22 School Year. (Oct. 14, 2021) WNAXLP 2907548