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St. Patrick School celebrates Young Authors Week

On Tuesday of Young Authors Week, many students and school principal Dan Bell dressed as characters from Harry Potter. Pictured are (first row, from left) Sophie Wagner, Lucia Fletch-Berg, Teddy Christiansen and Natalie Ramthun; and second row Principal Dan Bell, Eli Ramthun and Koltan Vivian. Submitted photo

For Young Authors Week at Saint Patrick School this week, on Wednesday students in grades 3-8 had the exciting opportunity to meet and hear award-winning writer Shelley Tougas speak on her book-writing process. She spoke about her life experiences, and how those experiences turned into ideas for future novels. Students were very engaged during the presentation, and had many thoughtful questions for Tougas. After the presentation, Tougas signed books for students who had her novels or prepaid for her novels. For more information on Shelley Tougas, visit:

Students in grades K-2 got to meet Kate Heywood (parent to Teddy and Abe), who shared her writing process, gave students tips on getting past writer's block, and got the kids excited to write their stories.