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Leadership Hudson explores arts and culture

Leadership Hudson students toured studios, stages and galleries. Submitted photo

Leadership Hudson students continued their journey of community awareness with a day spent exploring Hudson area arts and culture.

Students started Leadership Hudson's Art and Culture Day at the Phipps Center for the Arts. Executive Director John Potter and Visual Arts Director Anastasia Shartin offered a tour of studios, stages and galleries.

Peppered with a bit of Hudson history and data sharing of the economic impact of art in the community, students gained an understanding of how the arts are so much more to the local economy than entertainment.

A panel of artists including the multi-musically talented, Phil Kadidlo, poet Lee Kisling, dancer Mackenzie Lewis and potter Marjorie Wade came together to discuss the lifestyle of an artist.

Textile artist Lana Schoberg later paired with poet Lee Kisling to provide a role-playing experience noting the challenges and issues that many artists face as professionals in the creative industry.

The day ended with a visit to SEASON's on St. Croix Art Gallery where owner Ruth Misenko presented her perspective of the studio experience. This was followed by the hands-on creative experience of felting. With the guidance of textile artist Robbin Firth, Leadership Hudson students beautified a bar of soap with richly textured wools.